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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by teacherteacher, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. sirputz

    sirputz Well-Known Member

    My wife had someone come to the door last week, and he had the reflective vest and such, but said he was selling JoCo Landfill/Convenience center stickers. We currently have one so she declined...I told her that was likely a scam to see what we have in the house... I'm sure once they saw the tornado of toys, they figured we're worthless... Good thing the TV sits where you can't see it.
  2. gharris1

    gharris1 New Member

    tag number

    Heres a picture of the tag for the car they are driving. They too came to my house today trying to sell trash service and seemed very sketchy. My neighbor did sign up for their service and payed up front which I don't feel any reputable business would have you do. They told her she will be getting her trash can monday or tuesday so we'll see.[​IMG]
  3. tassy

    tassy Well-Known Member

    What state is that plate??
  4. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Louisiana I think.
  5. Wayne Stollings

    Wayne Stollings Well-Known Member

    Yes and commercial plates too.
  6. PirateGirl

    PirateGirl Well-Known Member

    They were in my hood yesterday. Hubby had him write down rates on the post card he was handing out so he could "talk it over with his wife" and I tossed it when I cleaned off the counters.
  7. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    That's a rental BTW, see the barcode sticker in the bottom left of the window. That's what every rental company uses to keep track of their cars.
  8. gcoats3

    gcoats3 Well-Known Member

    Did you contact the Hardees? If so, can you post results?
  9. IncognitO

    IncognitO Well-Known Member

    I did call Hardee's this morning, The lady who answered the phone said that Anchor Trash rent's office space there but she believes they are a legitimate business. She said that she personally has received multiple calls about them.
  10. trident2

    trident2 Well-Known Member

    They have delivered quite a few containers to our neighborhood with their name branded on them. It appears that they are in fact a business and not a scam. The door to door sales really paid off in my neighborhood!

    I'm glad this is the case. You can't be to careful!!
  11. PirateGirl

    PirateGirl Well-Known Member

    Awesome! That's why I love 4042...Great info! Thanks, y'all! :grouphug:
  12. mordorboy

    mordorboy Well-Known Member

    Anybody know the rates? Last straw with WM today. They took our recycling container and then treated us like like crap for wanting it back. That's after charging us for 3 months of service we didn't get and only willing to refund 1 month.
  13. tassy

    tassy Well-Known Member

    I don't know about Anchors rates, but we use ABC Sanitation and we pay $63/qtr for trash pick-up. Not sure what the recycling charges are.
    They are a family owned company that has not been appropriated by Waste Industries or Waste Management. We've been using them for several years and have never had any service issues.
  14. JustAnotherMom

    JustAnotherMom Well-Known Member

    $49.50/qtr is what they offered us.
  15. mj70

    mj70 New Member

    We never used a trash pickup service. The Anchor salesman stopped by our house and my husband signed up. They started pickup almost three weeks ago and no problems so far. We signed up for $49.50/qtr. We shall see but no complaints so far.
  16. softballmom

    softballmom Well-Known Member

    My husband asked if they could beat $65 a year and declined when they said no.
  17. UsrNmsSuk

    UsrNmsSuk Member

    They are offering both trash and recycling in our neighborhood for $50 and Waste Industries has started matching their price.
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  18. elims

    elims Well-Known Member

    I was just offered $49.50/qtr as well.
  19. Bubba

    Bubba Well-Known Member

    The Anchor Trash rep stopped by my home yesterday. He did his sales pitch thing, said the rates were $4.00/week and of course we turned him down. The fellow was very cordial, not pushy, had a reflective vest on and also had a photograph ID. I think this is a startup company in this area just trying to get a piece of the pie. Why not!
  20. lawnboy

    lawnboy Well-Known Member

    Guys and gals, I'm just as guilty as being overly-suspicious at times as well, but we all have to take a step back and avoid snap judgments when faced with certain situations, else we run the risk of being (becoming worse about being) too beholden to the headlines of terror, evil, and general torment.

    95% of everything you see that you think is suspicious is perfectly benign. We never hear news reports of actual businesses doing door to door marketing, only scams.

    Be smarter than a wral headline. Use common sense.

    Extremely small/startup businesses often (usually) have limited resources. This seems like a "suspect" marketing plan, but based on the increasingly-positive comments here, it seems like it's a legit business. We should always give people and situations the benefit of the doubt, and we should CERTAINLY be erring on the side of supporting small businesses, especially local ones that we can build relationships with.

    I haven't been solicited by these people - and I hate D2D solicitations as well - BUT, WM keeps raising rates and their customer service keeps getting less friendly, so if they come to my neighborhood, and can offer trash and recycling under $50 bucks a quarter, they'll get my business.

    So far, it hasn't been worth my while to switch just to save $10 bucks, and WM is certainly banking on this. If someone can save me $20+ and provide equal service, no brainer here

    Also, many (probably most) small businesses use web developers outside the state, or at least the area. There are web designers everywhere, and many place ads locally, etc. No cause for alarm

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