Cary Town Center - slow death

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by markfnc, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Was at Crabtree yesterday and Sears is long gone now but nothing going on with the space yet. But, the good news was that the mall was packed! That was really nice to see. Think I only saw one open location, other than Sears and it had a coming soon notice on it. Last time we were at Triangle Center it seemed more like a ghost town. Hopefully its traffic has also picked up. Cary TC just needs to be put out of its misery
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    Latest i heard from a mgmt. guy at Cary Town was plan to tear down all but JCP, Belk, Dillard's and build out door , North Hills Type around those 3 spaces. He works for mgmt., but not a decision money guy, so who knows.
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    I dont see the town approving a North Hills style setup there. The mall might want to, but I just dont see it happening.
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    Cary approved this type of space (North Hills type) across the street from Cary Town Center, so i think they would be ok with this. better than an empty mall.

    sorry link is pay to read.
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    Need to do like PA and Maryland did. Turn the defunct spaces of the mall into a casino, entertainment, and dining space.
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    With a little foresight, Sears could have been Amazon. Roll from catalog into on line. Go back to original catalog format of selling anything on line. Sell on line, pick up in stores etc.,
    Sears/IMB/CBS started Prodigy on line service, so someone at Sears knew the possible future. Prodigy cost those 3 a lot of money though, so probably scared the Sears board away from the internet.
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    Agree with you 100% markfnc. Going back to mail in catalog shouldve been a lot easier. Remember them building houses? In Benson, they have one of them that turned into the Rose and Graham Funeral Home.
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    I don't think they (Sears) built the houses, but they sold you all the pieces and parts to build the complete house.
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    As did Montgomery Ward at the time.
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    They are kits. Sorry. :confused:
    This is the R&G in Benson, featured on Realtor.
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    Yes and most of these mansions are always close to a railroad track. Clayton has some also.
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    Downtown Clayton has a good number of the bungalow style. upload_2019-1-7_22-42-38.png
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    It looks similar to this. [​IMG]
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    Only Belk and Dillard's left. You can walk in there for several minutes and not pass an open store.
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    This attrition has been happening for years as the middle class continues to shrink. Although stores like Target and Walmart continue to hold steady, but have curtailed their brick and mortar expansions, the store that is currently experiencing the most explosive growth in the country is Dollar General. In 2018, Dollar General opened 3 stores per day across the US. That’s the “bigger picture” story that probably deserves a shocking emoticon.
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