Commercials you hate

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Rockyv58, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    1st is the guy who does the crossroads ford commercials. his voice is just so annoying. Like fingernails on a chalk board.
    2nd the JG Wentworth commercials. I've woken up out of a sound sleep with that damn jingle in my head.
    3rd is Peachtree. I don't care that you are a peachtree person

    What are some of the commercials you hate?

    Though this is one of my favorite commercials of all times. Only shown once during the superbowl
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  2. BuzzMyMonkey

    BuzzMyMonkey Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately the Clyddies have been put out to pasture as far as commercials go I heard. So upon further review this may not be the case due to a backlash I guess when WSJ reported it.
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  3. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Well here is the 2015 bud commercial for the superbowl

    Clyde's are still there :)
  4. Hught

    Hught Well-Known Member

    Any political commercial regardless of party!
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  5. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member


    and that goes for their endless emails and phone calls
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  6. BuzzMyMonkey

    BuzzMyMonkey Well-Known Member

    Yeah they are. When they said they were gonna stop using them there was a large backlash by the public which changed their minds.
  7. bosoxfan

    bosoxfan Well-Known Member

    The worst ones to me (other than the political ones) are the NC Lottery First Tuesday ads.
  8. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I forgot about the first Tuesday. That one stinks also.
  9. elims

    elims Well-Known Member

    The Humane Society, or ASPCA, commercials that show all the sick and injured animals. I change the channel.
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  10. Pepper Jack

    Pepper Jack Well-Known Member

    anything Sonic
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  11. BuzzMyMonkey

    BuzzMyMonkey Well-Known Member

    Did they fire you.
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  12. Pepper Jack

    Pepper Jack Well-Known Member

    I wish I was qualified to work there!
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  13. BuzzMyMonkey

    BuzzMyMonkey Well-Known Member

  14. tassy

    tassy Well-Known Member

    I can't watch those either, they have ruined several good songs fir me too.
  15. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen it for awhile but I also hate the Christian children's fund commercials. You know the one with the old white guy with the beard.
  16. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Ever notice that commercials all come on at the same time?
  17. cynadon

    cynadon Well-Known Member

    JG Wintworth opera singers. I'll get up and find the remote.
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  18. ddrdan

    ddrdan Well-Known Member

    Getting really tired of the ambulance chaser ad for "mesofeellyhomo" :D
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  19. michelle

    michelle Well-Known Member

    The ones for Murphy's Motors with the little boy. OMG, that kid probably gets his ass kicked in school every day!
  20. Wayne Stollings

    Wayne Stollings Well-Known Member

    The Charles Boyd Cadillac commercials with that little Trey Davis ......

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