Has anyone taken classes at VCK dojo.....

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by jlc007, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. jlc007

    jlc007 Well-Known Member

    On 42? Thinking about taking a jujitsu class and would like some feedback.:)

    Thanks everyone!
  2. UsrNmsSuk

    UsrNmsSuk Member

    If you are interested in jiu-jitsu, check this place out. Currently two locations, one in Clayton and one in Benson. The one in Clayton will be moving closer to the intersection of Cornwallis and 42 on Oct 1.
    2 brown belts and 1 black belt on staff. All are very talented and excellent instructors. All 3 regularly roll with the students. You won't see that in many places.

  3. oggsmash

    oggsmash Well-Known Member

    I am also curious to hear of experiences at VCK dojo.
  4. jlc007

    jlc007 Well-Known Member

    I stopped by to talk to someone but they aren't open until the evening...when I do talk to someone, I will let y'all know what the skinny is.

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