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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Pwoods, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Pwoods

    Pwoods Well-Known Member

    Looking for recommendations for martial arts places for kids. I have a fairly physical pre-schooler that would most likely flourish in this sort of thing, but I don't really know where to start.
  2. Kdog

    Kdog Well-Known Member

    If you want to start cheap and see if he/she likes it then the clayton community center has Taekwondo for a cheap price for one or two days a week.
  3. Pwoods

    Pwoods Well-Known Member

    Looked into that, but it seems it is for ages 7 and up. Not seeing anything for pre-schoolers, but the website is not the easiest to navigate.
  4. Grinder

    Grinder Well-Known Member

    As someone who taught martial arts for a number of years to adults as well as kids, in my experience you should not put a kid in a program until after 5 years old.
  5. DMJmom

    DMJmom Well-Known Member

    Redfields right here at 40/42. They have classes for 4-6 year olds.
  6. jlc007

    jlc007 Well-Known Member

    I take classes at Southern School of Martial Arts in the Food Lion Shopping Center off 210. I've been going over a year now and can't recommend it enough! The owner is very knowledgeable ( over 30 years experience), kind and passionate about what he does. He is also an EMT, so that is an added bonus ;)
    He teaches young kids separately from the adults and is very good with high energy kids.
    His name is Mark Murdock and you can stop by and pick up one of his flyers that is in a suction cup thingy outside the front door or you can check out his website

    First class is free if your little guy/girl would just like to try it out and parents have chairs in front to watch everything that goes on.

    Take care and PM me if you have any questions at all :)
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  7. UsrNmsSuk

    UsrNmsSuk Member

  8. kaci

    kaci Well-Known Member

    I completely agree, i know the owner personally and he truly believes in his craft and is awesome with kids
  9. pbarefoot

    pbarefoot Well-Known Member

    As the wife of a martial arts instructor, I agree with Grinder that MOST kids shouldn't enroll until at least age 5. However, you're the mom and if you feel he is ready, there are several schools in the area that appear to be good. My husband teaches mostly to adults now, so I can't recommend his dojo. I hear that Redfields is good (a friend has her son there and is happy with it). Also, JBC's Elite martial arts is good (again, my friends kids go there). He is located near Cleveland Auto behind the CVS at 4042. I think both places teach young kids but not sure of the starting age. Most offer a free class or two before you commit, so take advantage of that. Just make sure you talk to the other moms, because you will quickly get a sense for the place that way.

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