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    Well outside our area, but a huge investment and jobs notice.

    Apple on Monday announced a new $1 billion-plus campus and engineering hub that will create thousands of high-paying jobs in the Triangle over the next five years.​

    Apple campus bringing 3,000 jobs to RTP
    According to WRAL News reporter Travis Fain, the campus will be built in RTP on land purchased in late 2018 by a company identified as Acute Investments LLC. Listed in the deal is Bruce Thompson, a registered lobbyist for Apple.

    The jobs are lucrative, offering an average salary around $185,000.
    Apple expects to invest some $1 billion in the new campus. The company also agreed to retain some 1,100 existing jobs across North Carolina.​

    Next to Cisco, NetApp, Lenovo, and Biogen in RTP right off 540 and Davis Drive.°50'57.0"N+78°52'21.0"W/@35.8521876,-78.864501,10503m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.8491635!4d-78.8724982
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    And one more recent large announcement across to the west end of Wake County.

    Two months after announcing plans to build a $2 billion cell culture manufacturing facility in the United States, Fujifilm has finally revealed the location—Holly Springs, NC
    The facility is projected to create 725 jobs by the end of 2028. Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies already bases over 600 jobs at RTP (Morrisville, NC, address), its largest of four facilities worldwide.
    The jobs, according to what the company told the North Carolina Department of Commerce, would pay minimum average wages of more than $99,800.
    Part of the deal is retaining the 637 employees it already has in the Triangle, the base for its U.S. operations.
    It will be the largest monoclonal antibodies facility in the world, according to the company. Fujifilm says it plans to invest up to $2 billion in the expansion – to receive the full state incentives, the figure needs to be at least $1.5 billion.​

    Just off 540 and NC 55 where 540 ends currently, currently being extended to US70/I-40 in the Garner/Cleveland area.!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.6528667!4d-78.8731935
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    thanks Jess82nc!
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    Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church Major Site Plan and Special Use Permit, 2021-34-SP & 2021-33-SUP


    Proposal: Request to build and allow for a church of up to 300 seats and associated accessory uses including a church offices, fellowship hall, meeting rooms, and parking.

    Location: Corner of Fernwood Dr and US Hwy 70 Bus W
    Parcel: 05G02026B & 05G02002
    Applicant: Grace Reformed Church
    Project Planner: Jeff Caines, Planner, 919-359-9335
    Status: In staff review.

    Other existing location (unclear if moving or a new 2nd location) -!8m2!3d35.574491!4d-78.4357096

    New location:!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.6578051!4d-78.4835041
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    Hardees at Cornwallis & Cleveland Rd (across from Clev Elem School) is bidding May 12, with expected start Mid June.
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    Biscuitville bidding May 11, with projected start date of Mid June. Going next to new Circle K @ NC 42 and Old Drug Store Area. looks like in between Circle K and that new office bldg that was built. I love biscuitville.
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    Toll Brothers maps 600-home active-adult community in Harnett County just south of Fuquay Varina

    A 1,200-home community in Harnett County has landed its latest builder with a Pennsylvania-based developer announcing an agreement to buy 600 lots to build homes for residents ages 55 and older.

    This month, Triangle developer Greenfield Communities announced it is selling 600 lots in its massive Serenity masterplanned communit to homebuilder Toll Brothers (NYSE: TOL), which plans to bring a collection of ranch-style homes called Regency at Serenity.

    “We are thrilled to leverage the building expertise of Toll Brothers Active Adult communities to introduce new owners to the rewards of beautifully crafted homes, hundreds of personalized options, the highest-quality building products, and a team of people who go above and beyond to accomplish the vision set for Serenity,” said Matt Brubaker, president of Greenfield Communities.

    Altogether, Serenity features 1,200 lots across 550 acres situated along Piney Grove Rawls Road, off Highway 401. Greenfield Communities expects the total cost to come in at around $300 million.

    Brubaker said they expect to see Toll Brothers break ground on the company's portion of the project this fall.

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    I wonder when we're actually going to start getting REAL food choices out here. Why do we need Biscuitville 1/4 mile from Bojanges? Seriously? Great. I mean, if we're going to get MORE fast food, at least make it Chick Fila. There are just NO healthy dining options within 10 miles of the Cleveland area. You're either going to Clayton, Fuquay, or downtown Raleigh. It's really frustrating. Good thing they're building more outpatient medical facilities in the area, my cholesterol is going up just reading this.
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    I guess that all depends on what you consider healthy? I certainly wouldn't call Chic-fil-a that, even though it probably is slightly better for you than some other options.

    But what about places like Simple Twist, Cleveland Draft House, the Clubhouse, Ruby Tuesday, Panera, Good Times? Also just 5.5 miles north is White Oak, they have a bunch of places to eat.
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    I didn't say Chic was healthy; I said if we are going to be perpetually stuck with franchise/corporate/strip mall fast food, the least we can get is a chick fila. Or hell, Redneck BBQ #2 as a great independently-owned indulgence so you don't have to drive to McGees.

    The places you reference are about the best we have here, which is sad. There is nothing "healthy" about any of them. Bar food at CDH? I'm not talking about an iceberg lettuce "salad." If we're calling stuff like that "healthy eating," we're somewhere in the mid 80s. Panera is.......bread. And sodium. A lot of it. And it isn't worth the price. Ruby Tuesday, you have to be kidding. I can go to Lowes and buy a top sirloin and a can of green beans for half the price and make it on the stove. Simple Twist is the ONLY non-chain relatively decent place we've got out here, but you put that in downtown Raleigh and nobody would go there. It's just nothing special, honestly, but kudos for trying because at least they put some thought into our area. Just being honest.

    What about Indian food? Better drive 20 miles round-trip to Zeera in Fuquay. Want actual-real sushi that isn't tilefish or waxfish (aka "Yummi Japan, lol, zero Japanese about that) you better be ready to fight traffic all the way to Clayton and go to Sushi Iwa.

    White Oak.......great for spending an hour round-trip if it's anytime other than 2pm Mon-Thurs (and will only get worse the more residential they build between here and there on 50 and 70). But you do have the Peruvian place which is a good option.

    I'm talking something like that, and a middle eastern place like Sitti, or even Neomonde. Then, we need a true Latin restaurant like Soca or Centro. You could even create takeout/quick casual concepts with these menus. They don't need to be fine dining, though we could use it. We are absolutely cuisine-starved in the Cleveland area. If you are going to argue with that (not you, the proverbial "you"), then you are simply missing out off in left field. It's a gaping hole and there are plenty of Apple-ites who won't increase our property values further over the next 10 years because no one making $200k a year with a degree is going to be happy with ANYTHING we have within 5 miles, except maybe BBQ lab, which is excellent BBQ, BBQ being some kind of universal language that everyone seems to agree on no matter who they are or where they're from.
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    O'Neil Overlook Major Subdivision & Rezoning, 2020-75-SD & 2020-74-RZ



    Proposal: Request to create a 37-lot single family subdivision on vacant 15 acre parcel. Proposed rezoning from RE to R-8 district.
    Location: North O'Neil Street, just north of Rollingwood Subdivision
    Parcel: 05H02199S and 05H02199I
    Applicant: J&B Real Estate Consultants, LLC
    Project Planner: Jeff Caines, Planner, 919-359-9335

    Fully Approved.!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.6597175!4d-78.4469545
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    I saw on Next door that its the same family that has Bakers Dozen. (Buck Jones Rd in Cary)
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    "Redneck BBQ #2 as a great independently-owned indulgence so you don't have to drive to McGees."
    is there a #2 or are you suggesting a # 2?
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    Looks like they are opening end of May.!8m2!3d35.5173354!4d-78.3628626
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    I looked on JOCO permitting. a sign permit was pulled in February, for the sign at street and over shop. No other permits have been pulled for that address. Probably going be a while then until it opens.
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    Crawford Cookshop Site Plan and Variance, 2021-38-SP & 2021-40-VAR


    Proposal: Request to complete an interior upfit to an existing restaurant space and a covered patio addition for a new restaurant. The variance is being sought to allow Crawford Cookshop to utilize 44 existing on-site parking spaces and 4 on-street parking spaces which will be shared by other tenants in the building.

    Location: 401 E. Main St.
    Parcel: 05011016
    Applicant: 113 E. First St, LLC
    Project Planner: Jeff Caines, Planner, 919-359-9335

    Status: Site Plan in staff review. Variance application has a tentative Wednesday May 26, 2021 Board of Adjustment hearing date.

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    Good for Clayton. Maybe his (Or Ashley Christiansen's?) next restaurant can show some love for the Cleveland/50/Mcgees area. 50 new neighborhoods have sprouted up in these areas (maybe hyperbole; Jesse would have the exact number and it's probably close). Plenty of land around Lowes Foods and the new Food Lion (2 empty fields across from both) for their next venture.
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