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    I go to Target and Walmart about once a year. Everything you can get there, you can get on Amazon without wasting time, gas, or being frustrated over dealing with idiots in public.

    Amazon is Kudzu, but it's Kudzu that is never going away, so use it to your advantage.
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    “Amazon is Kudzu”. So clever. Can I borrow that phrase for a t-shirt? LOL 2231F30D-16D6-417D-8197-F38AC5417AA7.jpeg
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    Does anyone know what happened to the Kangaroo at the corner of Hwy 70 & Raynor Rd.? It's gone, totally gone.
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    Complete Re build. Circle K
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    So I wonder, when the infrastructure bill gets passed, at some point this year, and NC stands to gain about $8bil in federal funds, how much this will speed up projects like widening 42 from 50 to 70? Do you think every DOT item listed currently on their website gets the green light for immediate implementation? I was hugely frustrated to see this pushed back to a 2029 start. We needed it 5 years ago.
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    NC42 widening from US70 to Business 70 was moved forward, I believe 2024 was the latest date I have heard. It is tied to the Lumen project now, which has been postponed a few times in the town council meeting but should be talked about soon.

    Even though NC may get $8B, NC DOT will not get $8B. I would guess they would do a re-prioritization of all future projects at that time. At best, they would probably have new dates for each project by early 2022. So may start as early as end of 2022. Right of way acquisition takes the longest, up to a year in some cases that have to go to eminent domain.
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    Thanks! I was coming back to answer my own question. I went by there yesterday and saw the Circle K sign.
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    Raleigh developer plans 850 new homes in Johnston County after big land purchase

    A Raleigh developer purchased over 200 acres in the middle of Johnston County this week with plans for a development that will one day include 850 homes.

    Greenfield Communities bought a 230-acre parcel for $1.62 million, according to county records dated Tuesday. The development, being called Crescent Mills, sits along Strickland Road near the town of Wilson's Mills.

    Matt Brubaker, president of Greenfield Communities, said in an email that Crescent Mills will feature approximately 850 residences with a mix of single-family homes and townhomes.

    "With the incredible economic growth occurring in Johnston County, Greenfield Communities is very excited to see this community come to life over the next 18 months to provide a much needed housing alternative for county residents," Brubaker said.

    Greenfield Communities has a growing presence across the Triangle. Last year, the company unveiled plans for Serenity, a residential development in Harnett County. Plans for that project call for around 1,200 single-family homes at prices expected to range from the $200,000s to $500,000s. Earlier this year, Greenfield sold 600 lots in the Serenity development to homebuilder Toll Brothers (NYSE: TOL).

    The seller for the Johnston County land is listed as The Alice W. Dixon Family LLC. Dixon was a North Carolina businesswoman who ran Holly Hill Memorial Park Cemetery in Thomasville before her death in 2011, according to an obituary in the Carteret County News-Times.

    The Triangle housing market has been red hot for the last year and a half, spurred by an influx of new residents relocating to the area and ultra low interest rates. The region is facing a housing crunch with little available product on the market. Developers are seeking land across the area to build more homes, especially in Johnston County.

    Smithfield is considering a rezoning request that would pave the way for a nearly 700-residence community next to an upcoming Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) site, and local developer RiverWild last month snapped up 90 acres in Johnston County for a new housing development.!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.5777318!4d-78.3805866
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    This may have been covered already, but does anyone know anything new about possible comings to the 42/210/50 area? I know a Hwy 55 is under construction, just curious about anything else in the works.
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    I’m hoping they’ll build a “Caddyshack”, Judge Smails. I wish that Ted Knight could run it!
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    Just saw this on Next Door:

    It’s official.
    Posted about 20 min ago on the Garner, NC page. Definitely going in at old Kroger

    At least I know why They didn't come to Clayton across from the Wal-mart on 70
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    Does anyone know what is being built next to the NCSECU off of 42 in Cleveland?
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    ABC Store, old one across the highway will move.
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    Quick question, the road that is going to be coming out to Cornwallis Rd, beside the big house with magnolia trees, is this part of 540 project, or is it being developed for a subdivision?
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    It’s a neighbor hood. Nothing to do with 540.
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    Thank you so much! Do you know the builders or developers?
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    Not sure if this has been posted, my bidding site shows a Food Hall coming to Clayton. In planning stages, not permit stage yet.

    "Site work and new construction of a restaurant in Clayton, North Carolina. Conceptual plans call for the construction of a 6,200-square-foot restaurant. Plans call for the construction of a 6,200 square foot food hall. As of September 8, 2021, this project is in the early planning stages. Information regarding the selection of an architect and general contractor has not been provided. A firm timeline has not been announced, however, it is expected to open by spring 2022."
    Address - 229 Briarcliff Dr, Clayton, NC 27527 US

    Glen Laurel Area

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