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    wasn't that where at one point going to put a mall?
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    A long time ago, before malls fell out of favor. Now they are dying left and right. Cary, now Triangle, and hints that Crabtree is for sale.
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    Simple Twist comin to Dunn,106881
    “Brought on by a simple twist of fate,” Dunn’s newest restaurant announced customers should see meals being served by year’s end.

    Simple Twist, a true mom and pop operation has piqued Johnston County food tastes since 2014, and now the family restaurant is coming to Dunn.

    Simple Twist is owned and operated by Nathan and Colleen Roby. Nathan Roby is the chain’s executive chef. His wife, Colleen Roby, is in charge of administrative affairs. The chain is presently comprised of restaurant locations in Garner, Clayton and Smithfield.
    Chef Nathan Roby, born in Ohio, was the executive chef for Bahama Breeze. He opened his first restaurant, TerraFin Station, with business partners in 2010.

    Colleen Roby, originally from New York and a graduate of the State University of New York at Potsdam, was a high school Spanish teacher before leaving that vocation to join her husband.
    The Robys have been married for 15 years and have lived in North Carolina for more than 20 years. The couple has one daughter, who will attend Cleveland High School in the fall, and three dogs (“all rescue mutts”).

    The “simple twist of fate” occurred when the Robys disagreed with their business partners at TerraFin Station, resulting in a separation from the business. Having a little girl at home, the Robys were anxious about what to do next.

    With seed money from their family, the Robys ventured forward on their own.

    Colleen Roby’s father came down from New York to take care of the renovations on their first location.

    “The community was so supportive when we opened Simple Twist,” she said.

    And with that “simple twist of fate” the down-and-out loss at TerraFin morphed into a successful venture with its fourth location coming soon.

    The first location opened in June 2014 in the Forty-two Forty Plaza in Garner. It was followed by a restaurant in Smithfield which opened in May 2015. The third location opened in Clayton in December 2017. The Robys opened their new stand-alone location in Garner in July 2020.

    Tilghman and Company, an organization with Dunn roots, built the current Garner location for Simple Twist. During a conversation with the Robys, Tilghman officials suggested building another stand-alone location for Dunn on property held by the Tilghman family located at the corner of Lehmon and Cumberland streets.

    “We came to Dunn and looked at the site during different times of day,” said Colleen Roby. “We realized that this was a high traffic area and Dunn did not seem to have a restaurant similar to what we offer. So, we took the plunge and are very excited about this next step.”

    Interesting facts about Simple Twist include fresh local foods. “We try to provide farm-to-table as much as possible,” she said.

    The new Dunn location will look very similar to the restaurant’s current Garner site, with a private party room for up to 30 guests and full alcohol permits. The patio seating area will be dog friendly. Lunch and dinner menus will be available every day, including a Sunday brunch menu. Catering services will also be available.

    With a fluctuating construction schedule, opening by year’s end is tentative; however, people interested in joining the Simple Twist team can already apply for employment online at

    Mrs. Roby is from Syracuse I heard. ;)
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    Grifols Expansion - Approved by Planning Board

    REQUEST: Rezone the properties referenced above, located near the rail line and US 70 BUS W, from Heavy Industrial (I-2) to Conditional Zoning – Industrial (CZ-I). The Conditional Zoning District would allow for up to 10,000,000 square feet of gross floor area for new industrial buildings. The Conditional Zoning District is accompanied by a Master Plan and Master Plan Narrative.

    The West Campus represents a great opportunity for additional expansion to support growing demand for the blood plasma derived products Grifols produces. West Campus encompasses 373.04 acres over Tract 1 on the included recorded plat (Plat Book 86, Pages 143). Initially, Grifols seeks to develop two phases of fractionation capacity in the southeast corner of West Campus closest to its existing campus. Phases 1 and 2 will involve the construction of approximately 360,000 square feet of production and warehouse space and is expected to employee approximately 500 people over two shifts. Phase 1 is expected to add about 6 million liters per year of fractionation production to the Clayton plant’s capacity.

    Phases 1 and 2 consists of development of the fractionation processes, warehousing, and utilities to support expansion of Grifols’ fractionation capability. It is expected that these two phases will process approximately 12 million liters per year of fractionation production over approximately 360,000 square feet of new building space, employing about 500 persons. These phases will generally occupy about 36.45 acres out of the 373.04 acres included in West Campus. Additionally, Phases 1 and 2 will include the necessary parking, streets, and utilities to support operations. Phases 1 and 2 are projected to be completed within 10 to 15 years.

    For Phases 1 and 2, there is one point of access proposed at the south corner of the parcel where a two-way driveway connection is proposed to an existing drive and security gate on North Campus. The North Campus currently has two separate connections to the campus, one from Cutter Labs Access Road off of Highway 70 Business on the south side of the railroad tracks and a second off of Powhatan Road on the north side of the railroad tracks. For future phases of development, a second point of access is proposed on the west end of the parcel to connect through North Carolina Railroad’s (NCRR) property to NC Highway 42. Access is contingent on successful negotiation of a right-of-way with NCRR. A potential second point of access could be provided via an existing 80’ wide ingress/egress easement at the northwest corner of West Campus through the NCRR property to NC Highway 42. Circulation through Phases 1 and 2 is via two-way internal street network around the perimeter of the development site with a two-way cross-street through the new plant site. It is expected that vehicular access to and through future phases will be similar with a perimeter roadway and internal cross-streets. Emergency services access will be provided to all occupiable structures.

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    Hello all,

    Does anybody know an opening date for Harbor Freight at Garner Town Square? Asking for a friend.
  7. jesse82nc

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    I think I read it would be open by June somewhere. So maybe in the next couple weeks.
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    2 questions
    1.) When is the Dunkin Donuts across from McDonald's suppose to open?
    2.) What was the initial finishing of the I-40 widening? Though we all no it will go way past the expected date.

  9. jesse82nc

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    Dunkin opened this morning

    I-40 widening complete from I-440 to U.S. 70 (Exit 309) 2023
    I-40/N.C. 42 interchange complete 2024
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    Harbour Freight is open
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    the latest drone video over the new Barber Mill bridge
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    i noticed in the past few weeks, they have started grading at US 70 & Yeargan Rd in Garner. With all the building going on this "field" had been undeveloped. Anyone know what is going in there?

    Also, I heard the Wake Med had made an offer for the land at NC 50 and Denning dr for a Hospiital/Medical place very similar in size to the one on US 70 across from Agri Supply. This is on NC 50 west side, between 1010 and 42
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    The apartments over on white oak by Target
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    I was at the Harbor Freight this past weekend. The Lidl signs are all down, and looks like the project was abondened, unfinished sidewalk etc., empty inside. Anyone heard anything? it had said they were to open in Aug 2022.
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    the breakfast place is still moving along. hanging drywall stage about to start finishes.
  16. markfnc

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    A ways from 40/42, but TJ Maxx is going to be moving into the old Harris Teeter in Fuquay.
  17. Rockyv58

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    Here's another video for the new Amazon warehouse in Smithfield
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    I hadn't been to the recycling place in a few weeks, but Barber Mill bridge is open. Government rd tie in though was closed this past Saturday.
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