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    Smithfield Town Council approved development off US 70 W Smithfield backs industrial park | The Johnstonian News (

    This tract on the west side of Smithfield will become home to an industrial park.

    By Scott Bolejack | 919-424-1776

    SMITHFIELD — The Town Council last week cleared the way for an industrial park on the west side of town.

    Specifically, a unanimous council rezoned 258 acres off of West Market Street for light industrial use. The land, long a farm, sits largely behind the homes along North Rogers, South Rogers and Milton drives.

    Some 18 months ago, the town and county worked together to have the land state certified for industrial use. Brian Hall of Samet Corp., which will develop the park, said his company’s aim was to bring the county and town’s effort to fruition.

    “My mission is to take the work that you guys have already done and advance it to where it’s actually being executed in the field to create that industrial park,” said Hall, whose company makes its home in Greensboro.

    Samet Corp. will do that first by building infrastructure — streets, water and sewer lines, spec buildings, Hall said. Next, the company will recruit tenants — “light manufacturers, distribution companies, folks that want to invest here, build the tax base here, employ folks here,” Hall said, adding that Samet Corp. attracts companies from across the Southeast.

    “We feel like it’s a good opportunity,” he said. “We feel like it’s a good location. We appreciate the work that you guys have done in advance of us, and we want to try to move this project forward.”

    Chris Johnson, the county’s industry recruiter, likened the project to a farm operation. “It’s like planting the seeds on a farm,” he said “It takes a few months for things to germinate, and then obviously the crop has to grow, and then it’s time to harvest.”

    “I think we’re right at the beginning of that harvest season,” Johnson said. “The hard work and the planting of the seeds are hopefully going to be bearing fruit for years to come.”

    Johnson said Samet Corp. has an excellent reputation in industrial development. “I’m very excited about having the Samet Corp. in Johnston County,” he said. “We’re expecting big things from them.”

    No one spoke against the rezoning request. But one neighbor, Helen Best of North Rogers Drive, asked for a fix to the drainage problem that dumps water from the farm onto the homes nearby.

    “I’ve lived there since 1968,” Best said. “There’s always been water coming from that farm onto the properties there. Some of them, when we’re having rains, are underwater.”

    The standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, Best said. “In summertime, you can’t go outside after 4 o’clock because you get eat up with mosquitoes,” she said.

    The town’s planning director, Stephen Wiseman, said Smithfield’s land-use rules would require Samet Corp. to present a drainage plan. “Knowing about this drainage problem, we can make sure it’s addressed,” he added.
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    CASE 20-37: REZONING PETITION: Petition to rezone 44.67 acres located at 425 Technology Dr. in Cleveland Township from Agricultural Residential (AR) with Interstate Highway Interchange (IHI) overlay to Agricultural Residential-Special Use District (AR-SUD) with Interstate Highway Interchange (IHI) overlay.
    Tax ID: 06E02002Z, 06E02007A, 06E02003Z, & 06E02007D
    Owner: Glenn Miller
    Applicant: Hawthorne Residential Acquisition LLC-Edward Harrington

    The Planning Board recommends APPROVAL of the Rezoning request and submits to the Board of Commissioners a proposed Statement of Consistency for adoption based on the recommendation for approval.

    Special Use Permit: To allow for multi-family residential up to 8 du/ac density.

    Based on findings of fact and special use conditions, the Planning Board recommends APPROVAL of the special use permit.

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    Good Lord that looks like a map i drew 12-13 years ago but it wasnt for that client.
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    Riverwood Golf Club Section 2 Major Subdivision, 2020-158-SD

    Town Council approves Annexation and Rezoning.



    Proposal: Request for a planned development residential neighborhood consisting of 726 residential units (432 single family lots, 74 townhome lots, and 220 apartments). The neighborhood will contain an amenity center and golf course maintenance facility.
    Location: 1085 Castleberry Road
    Parcel: 16I03009, 16I03009B, 16P99016A, 16K05012E, and 16J04001
    Applicant: Riverwild
    Project Planner: Jeff Caines, Planner, 919-359-9335
    Status: Tentative 1st Town Council hearing for annexation scheduled for March 1, 2021 at 6:00pm. Tentative 2nd Town Council hearing for annexation scheduled for March 15, 2021 at 6:00pm. Major subdivision, rezoning, and annexation final decisions are tentatively scheduled for Town Council on April 5, 2021 at 6:00pm.°39'42.1"N+78°24'12.2"W/@35.661681,-78.4055817,700m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.6616814!4d-78.4033928
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    Wilder's Market, 2020-171-SP


    Proposal: Proposed 4,500 sf farm to table market with ten (10) upper story residential units (nine (9) one bedroom units and one (1) two bedroom unit). Proposed parking will be a combination of existing on-street parking spaces and use of the proposed parking lot at the corner of First Street and O'Neil Street. The courtyard between the Paper Company and this new building will be designed to function as an additional shared outdoor space for the market, the coffee house, and the event center. The Massey Building, which used to be on this parcel has been torn down to accommodate this structure.
    Location: 101 W. First Street
    Parcel: 05019010
    Applicant: Riverwild
    Project Planner: Samantha Wullenwaber, Planning Director, 919-359-9364
    Status: Under Technical Review Committee Review. Tentative decision board hearing TBD.!8m2!3d35.6537545!4d-78.4595368
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    A little further away, and details are scarce, but still another large group of jobs later this year.

    Pharma giant Gilead Sciences is bringing a business service operation to Wake County, a move that means 275 new jobs – positions that pay more than double the area’s average wage.
    The jobs, according to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, will pay average wages of more than $142,000.

    Gilead plans to create an office in Wake County that will house 275 employees working in finance, human resources, information technology and cybersecurity, the state’s Commerce Department said.
    Gilead said the office should open in the third quarter of this year, and it will immediately begin recruiting for dozens of roles.

    Over the course of 12 years, the project is estimated to grow the state’s economy by $1.11 billion, according to Commerce.
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    Was in there the other day, great place and great employees. Great selection of nuts and bolts, tons of other home improvement items, and a dog wash station. They fill propane there as well.
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    Have you herd what else is going back behind the Tractor Supply? We went last night and i saw a permit box farther back the road. it may have been the grading permit, i didn't get out and look. roads going back ways and clearing going on.
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    We were there when it was raining and dark out, otherwise I was tempted to explore. It's 58 acres, owned by FORD MEADOWS LLC since December 2020. I know they had planned a few hundred homes behind Tractor Supply, and some more commercial along 42 next to Tractor Supply.
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    Just off the future 540 and the Neuse River, and just north of Clayton on the east side of Garner.

    A South Carolina developer has plans for a massive residential development southeast of Raleigh.

    This month, Irmo-based builder Mungo Homes filed a rezoning request with the city of Raleigh to allow for the development of the Hodge Road Assemblage, calling for a density of up to 5 units per acre across 513 acres – that's potentially over 2,500 homes.

    But WithersRavenel, which is providing engineering and planning services on the project, said in a press release that Mungo expects between 1,700 and 2,000 units upon completion.

    The property is situated at 3060 Hodge Road, south of Poole Road and north of Auburn Knightdale Road. The Neuse River flanks the west side of the tract

    Permitted units would include single-family homes, townhomes and apartments all up to three stories tall as well as amenity, mixed-use and open space.

    Filings from a neighborhood meeting with representatives for the developer show home pricing is estimated to range from as low as $220,000 to as high as around $600,000. Buildout could begin as soon as late 2022 with the first units expected to be delivered in 2023. The developer said it could take up to 10 years to complete the entire development.

    Plans call for four phases of construction, and Mungo Homes currently plans to handle construction of the townhomes and single-family homes. Filings with the city did not say who Mungo expects to build the apartments.

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    They have their permanent sign up now. Up fit going on inside.
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    You can see some info on VA center in this video around the 3 min mark. Elevations etc.
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    Anyone have any information on the Pierce Road Housing development. Wondering if it has been approved and what it's going to look like. We had some info on it last year but haven't heard anything since.

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    Do you know when it was talked about? I went back through all JoCo planning board minutes from Jan 2020 to today. I didn't see any mention of Pierce Road.
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    Actually, it was 2019... around August I think was the last I heard about it.
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    Looks like it actually changed hands last month.
    Looks like they are owned by DR Horton.

    Judging by the map, it looks like they will have 4 total entrances to the neighborhood, two on the north at Lynnfield Lane and Belve Drive. And 2 new ones on the south, one just west of Edgewood Lane and a one across from Palmer Drive, slightly offset.

    It's 88.44 acres, probably would end up being around 100-150 homes, more if they did some townhouses or apartments. Looks like there is existing county water on Pierce Road, sewer is nearby on the east edge of the property.

    But I haven't seen anything official, they don't have the 2019 minutes online.

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    only town Council approves. planning board recommended approval.

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