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  1. HeelCQ

    HeelCQ Member

    I hesitate to call myself a runner, but I was wondering if there are any runners in the Cleveland area who would be interested in getting together for some morning runs in local neighborhoods on the weekends? I am thinking between 3-10 miles.

    Some background: I started running about nine months ago. I generally run 4-6 miles by myself during my lunch break. I do not run very fast. I have run one 5K, one 10K, and ran my first half marathon yesterday (I am crazy sore today, by the way). I was surprised how difficult the last three miles of the half was to me. I planned on it being my first and last half marathon, but I am now interested in trying it again to see if I can properly train and make it an easier race. I only gave myself seven weeks to get ready for this one...and I could tell on race day. I seriously thought I was going to pass out after crossing the finish line. :)

    I would like to get comfortable running 8-10 miles so I can be better prepared for another half marathon. I thought there may be some other runners in the area that would like some company. My hope is that running with someone else or a group of folks would help keep me committed and help push me harder than I can push myself.

    I find that I am not likely to drive very far to go run. I always feel like I am wasting part of my day to drive 20 minutes just to get to my running destination, run, then drive 20 minutes back. I like to get my run with as soon as possible and get back to spending my weekend time with my wife and son. So, I would prefer to just run with someone in a nearby neighborhood: Twisted Oaks, Broadmoor, Island Creek, etc. I joined a Clayton area run club online, but they were always meeting places that would take 20 minutes or so for me to drive to, so I never ended up meeting them anywhere.

    I am sure many of you probably run too fast to want to run with someone like me. Depending on the distance I am running, I run between a 9:00 and 10:00 minute pace. However, if you are interested, please respond to this post.
  2. Hught

    Hught Well-Known Member

    Only during the week after my visits to Mexico!

    ZUMBAbyMARIE Well-Known Member

    I only run if I just missed the ice cream truck, and it's close enough to catch. :lol:
  4. 26.2

    26.2 Well-Known Member

    I do 10-20 miles in those neighborhoods most Fridays and Saturdays. Took up running Ultras a year ago. It's always easier if you have someone to chat with.
  5. OutdoorPlay

    OutdoorPlay Well-Known Member

    I wanted to try to run with the Clayton Runners Club, but I found out that they just met too far away. I run at lunch when the weather is nice and would like to work up to running a half marathon. I would be interested in a local running club.
  6. HeelCQ

    HeelCQ Member

    Awesome. Did you see the pace that I run? Does that pace work okay for you? I had the same issue with the Clayton running club. It was too far away. I live in Island Creek and have only run my neighborhood, but would certainly be up for another local neighborhood. Do you have a preference of Saturday or Sunday? How about the time of day? Does the morning work for you? Just let me know. I would love to find one or more folks to run with.
  7. pkc789

    pkc789 Well-Known Member

    CAR is a great group but most of their training runs are in downtown Clayton or the trails at the Neuse River. If you haven't been, those trails are awesome!

    Have you tried running at Lake Benson? That is where I prefer to do my long runs. It is very nice, clean, safe and they have restrooms.

    Congrats on your half. Where was it? If you are ready for another one, RunRaleigh is April 14 and I highly recommend it. There will be about 1000-1500 runners this year.
  8. jcongdon1

    jcongdon1 Active Member

    Hey I live in Island Creek too and normally run 4-6 miles on my runs up through twisted oaks. I wouldn't mind trying to build up some more sometime.
  9. HeelCQ

    HeelCQ Member

    We may have crossed paths before. I usually run during lunch. It has only been the last several weeks that I have run the neighborhood. I have never run Twisted Oak. Shoot me a message if you are interested in running together. I have heard interest from another poster who may run with me some.

    I am going to try to run most weekends. I do play basketball on most Saturday mornings, and have been told by my neighbor that I cannot allow running to get in the way of that previous commitment. :)
  10. UsrNmsSuk

    UsrNmsSuk Member

    I'm just impressed that you started running 9 months ago and have already completed a half. It took me almost 2 years to get up the nerve to do one. Great job!
  11. sarahmama

    sarahmama Well-Known Member


    Sounds like we should consider starting a running club out this way. I joined CAR, and they seem like a great group, but my schedule never seems to match up with theirs, and it makes it very hard to get over there. I am a fairly new runner, and would love to meet with others that could motivate me to run harder, and faster.
  12. 26.2

    26.2 Well-Known Member

    I gave up on the faster and just try to go longer now. I'd totally be in for some group runs. any distance as well.
  13. HeelCQ

    HeelCQ Member

    Thanks. It kicked ny butt. I only gave myself 7 weeks to prepare for it. I need more like 12-16 weeks next time. :)
  14. HeelCQ

    HeelCQ Member

    I will see if I can find a way to start one of those run groups for our area. I met someone from this thread for a run last week. I hope I can meet more of you. It is good to have others to run with, but it is also nice to meet folks who live around here.
  15. sarahmama

    sarahmama Well-Known Member

    We could start a group in Meetup, which is where Clayton Area Runners is posted. I don't mind helping to set this up. I have been really looking for others to run with, and other neighborhoods to run, cause mine gets a little boring.
  16. 26.2

    26.2 Well-Known Member

    Anybody up for a 10 miler Friday am in the neighborhood let me know.

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