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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Sherry A., Apr 12, 2017.

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    Very sad. :(
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    My wife used to be a direct employee of Steve's.

    I remember having a one on one discussion about a suicide attempt one of his employee's attempted. He was surprised that he did not spot the employee's depression in that he felt he was good at detecting it. That conversation has a little more meaning for me now.

    My thoughts and best wishes go to his family.
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    The Town of Clayton did a nice celebration of Steve's life today for his family, friends, and employees of both towns he helped manage.

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    I've known Steve for a long time, since he was in Wendell. Don't know the story up in Christiansburg and don't care. He was a good guy who helped a lot of people a long the way. I am torn for his family.
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