The results of not following the safety regulations

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    Fire extinguisher manufacturer Walter Kidde Portable Equipment has been ordered to pay a $12 million civil penalty following allegations that the company failed to inform the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of product defects in a timely manner.

    Based in Mebane, N.C., Kidde agreed to the civil penalty and other terms as part of a consent decree entered by a federal judge.

    The allegations stem from a 2017 recall of Kidde fire extinguisher. According to the recall, the extinguishers could become clogged or require excessive force to discharge, fail to activate during a fire emergency, and some nozzles even fell off.

    In one case, the fire extinguishers were connected to a car fire death after an accident in 2014. Emergency responders couldn’t get the recalled Kidde fire extinguishers to work.

    As of the 2017 recall, the company received nearly 400 reports of product failures, some 16 injuries, and more than 90 reports of property damage.

    The recall affected about 37.8 million units in the U.S., 2.7 million in Canada, and about 7,000 in Mexico. It involved 134 models of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured from January 1, 1973, through August 15, 2017.

    Some of the fire extinguishers were previously recalled in March 2009 and February 2015.

    According to the Department of Justice, the company allegedly violated the Consumer Product Safety Act by underreporting before the first recall the scope and nature of the defect and risk and the number of products and models affected.

    Kidde also failed to immediately report information concerning nozzles detaching from fire extinguishers to the CPSC and misused a registered safety certification mark.

    As part of the agreement, Kidde will create a compliance program to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Act as well as internal controls and procedures designed to ensure timely, complete, and accurate reporting.

    The extinguishers were sold online, in retail stores, and with commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, personal watercraft, and boats.

    While Kidde agreed to the decree, it did not admit that it violated the law.
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    Reminds me of Takata
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    Of course, it would remind YOU of the Takata Corporation, but wouldn’t you rather write in Klingon, than Japanese today? For those readers unfamiliar with Jesse82nc’s cryptic comment, The Takata (“treasure” in Japanese) Corporation, was a Japanese business responsible for producing faulty airbags some years ago, that resulted in the injuries and death of drivers and passengers, until the company was prosecuted and later went bankrupt. In online, “anti-regulation”, and “anti-government”, Libertarian social media communities, the story has been resurrected as an example of how “restrictive” laws can be “dangerous”. Apparently, these folks feel that the regulations requiring airbags in cars is infringing on their “rights” and “freedoms”, and not as a way to improve the general safety of drivers. They feel that since the Takata Corporation was negligent in protecting drivers, that ALL decisions of airbag installations should be left to the individual owners of vehicles.

    As I’ve mentioned, most of this “Takata Corporation” faulty, airbag story has been amplified, shared, and discussed on Libertarian social media sites, and I find it ironic that in the context of this thread, where we are trying to warn about the dangers of social media, that Jesse82nc would mention a story on here that has been shared online so many times. The online social community dissemination of this story, for the millionth time, only proves that unless a person actively disengages from certain social media communities, they will be at risk, just like the young woman who died last week, and whose grieving family said that she was a “loving aunt to her nieces and nephews”, but became overly-involved in social media communities, so that they couldn’t talk normally with her anymore - a sad ending to someone who by all accounts didn’t deserve that.

    Also, be aware that for some reason, Libertarians, in online social media communities, world-wide have adopted Star Trek’s “Klingons” as a model of Libertarian beliefs and as a model for social behaviors. They have even gone so far as to communicate in the once fictitious, but now real, Klingon language (as seen here on this site in recent days), and out in the larger world as well. Below is a screenshot of a story, published by “The State”, concerning a government official in North Carolina who resigned from his job, and submitted his resignation letter in Klingon. When folks asked why he submitted his resignation letter in Klingon, in 2014, he brushed it aside as “just a joke”. Since then, and through online, social media Libertarian communities, the use of Klingon has only grown larger.

    Remember, if you take anything away from this thread, let it be that if you see the personalities of your loved ones, or family members CHANGE over time from being siloed online in ANY online community that leaves them feeling agitated or angry, or if you notice them repeating phrases that you’ve never heard them repeat before, or are otherwise not their former selves, please seek help for them. Don’t let your loved ones rely on ANY online community to fulfill all of their social needs. There is no substitute for REAL LIFE and the love of your family and friends.
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    One thing one can clearly take from this thread is your lies and hypocrisy.
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    Ae laehe'hrd gweewed yakho ah e koeendriesth yakho;
    ae laehe'hrd mrechkebo leyhd nhirnyr esthinto pnex yakho ah e tett aubacioftos tut yakho;
    ae laehe'hrd thurgfhenn leyhd nhirnyr fhenioume yakho ah e fhretvyuk yakho uterheoanyr
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    Here are some headlines, one from “The National Review”, the other from “Reason”, noticing the rising popularity of the Klingon language - well before Klingon was adopted by some groups as a mascot set of beliefs to emulate - including some Libertarians.

    4B2945BA-AFFD-4873-83A2-94B965144F82.jpeg 83197A28-3D60-4E65-ABB8-2A0514E58C1A.jpeg
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    If you did 2 minutes of research, you would know that's not Klingon. And it's amazing how easy it is for you to get angry when someone says something nice to you.
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    Oh, Honey! You’ve made no secret of that your Libertarian views. As others can attest, you barely have anything “nice” to say about anything, and have spread misinformation about the Covid virus for months now, and have had no sympathy whatsoever for our local families during this time. You have minimized the virus by discounting it, ridiculed, and mocked posters on here, and have shown exceptional anti-social and immature traits by posting your comments in a fictional gibberish language - rather than in plain English, that the whole community can understand. When posters ask innocent questions about where to buy gravel, or share their concerns about friends unable to find a hospital bed in JoCo because of Covid infections, do any of you boys ever RESPOND to these people in a neighborly manner? No. You just IGNORE them. I guess if it doesn’t concern your precious local map thread, you just aren’t interested. I have news for you, sonny. The world does not revolve around only you, and your Libertarian ideology. The discussion topic that was initially posed by Webmaster on December 28th, concerning the “dangers of social media” is a valid topic - especially in light of recent events. But because of these recent events, where most Americans finally have become much more aware of the dangers, the question brought by Webmaster was suddenly abandoned here, and posters were attacked, just because we were trying to warn ALL Americans, regardless of who they may be, of these dangers. It’s a sad day indeed where folks start to think that gibberish is an acceptable substitute for reasoning.
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    You are the biggest POS liar around and absolutely clueless in what you think because most of it is misguided and lies. Shove that honey BS up your rump too.
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    She/it isn’t sensible enough to understand much of anything other than the lies she/it spews here.
    I guess it’s all the time falling off that pedestal she/it is on and banging the noggin around.
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