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  1. Abdulina

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    Okay, where do you get new REASONABLE priced tires? First, we have some of the more expensive tires. It is a Ford 15 passenger van. So those stupid big expensive tires is what they take. Last time, I knew it cost us around $150 a tire. NOT counting mounting and all the other stuff. This go around, DH was looking during work and cheapest thus far he found were $187 per tire! Seriously, could not have come at a worse time as I"m trying to cough up about $10K in airline tickets. (no lie on that price). So, I need to save every penny I can. No used tires please. These vans will flip if a blow out happens. Need good tires but don't want most expensive on the market either. Van is a 2008 and only has around 50K miles on it. Plan on keeping it till it dies. So, any suggestions on great tire deals? Oh, trying to stay around the area if possible. This has to be done in the next day or two. Metal has started to show on the tires. Thanks in advance for all the input.

    Stephanie-- mom to 10
  2. kdc1970

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    Clayton Tire or Sam's Club. BJ's carries them too.
  3. barney726

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    I pray that you are not serious!
  4. Abdulina

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    I am serious. Metal started to show. People at church noticed it on Sunday. I went nowhere today. These vans are bad for tires. This is our second van like this. Really, you have NO choice of vehicle once you hit a certain family size. Unfortunately, all 4 need replacing. 2 front ones are the worse. I knew we'd need new tires soon but was hoping for just a little longer. And the prices now are still a sticker shock. Seriously, around $900 to $1000 when all is said & done. That's why I'm trying to find a better deal on here.

    Stephanie-- mom to 10
  5. firefly69

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  6. Abdulina

    Abdulina Well-Known Member

    Thanks a ton! We used just tires last time. Checking all these deals out. Awesome! Thanks a bunch.

    stephanie-- mom to 10
  7. BuzzMyMonkey

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    I shopped around heavily quite a few months ago for certain tires I wanted and found Discount Tires to have the best price, I used the knightdale branch. I told them what I needed to pay and they matched the price. 20-30 bucks cheaper per tire than others listed here.
  8. Princess

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    I bought tires over the summer and got a pretty good deal. Just Tires will price match any tires if you take them a quote or ad. I found them on sale (online) at Sears. I printed the quote and took it to Just Tires where they matched that price. Just Tires also had a mail in rebate on that set of tires so I got that deal too. My advice- Find a tire that has a rebate from Just Tires and find that same tire on sale elsewhere so they can price match! :)
  9. AutismMom

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    I like Just Tires too. We usually check the prices on-line for them and try to get 2 tires at a time (and then about 6 months later get 2 more). It is important to remember to keep your tires rotated, balanced, properly inflated, and in alignment to get the best life out of them.
  10. KellBell

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    Thee best place to get tires is Supreme Lube and Tire. On Hwy. 50 right across from Don Lee's. 207-0085. I promise you he will beat any price from anyone that's been mentioned on here.
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    The cheapest tires in the area is at Murray's Tires just before you get downtown Raleigh.

    They sell new and used tires, but the used ones aren't just tires that are about to die. Most of them are tires that were on new cars and the new owners wanted different tires. You also get to personally choose the tires, they aren't going to just throw some on and charge you.

    Tires for my truck (17") cost about $45 each and they are guaranteed to pass NC State inspection. (Personally, the tires I've bought from them lasted a couple of years before I needed to get them replaced again)

    They aren't new, but in times of a tight budget, they are a really good deal.
  12. cmdknw06

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    Don Lee Raleigh. My supervisor checked around a few months ago and they were cheapest.
  13. pocahontas

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    We have used Rockside Tires in Smithfield and Garner on occasion when we have had to replace tires and the budget wasn't quite there to buy all new right at the time, they sell "used" tires but they are like new. I don't know if they would carry the tires you are looking for but you could always ask. Website is and contact info:
    Smithfield Location

    Raleigh Location
    101 South Brightleaf Blvd.
    Smithfield, 27577
    Office: (919) 934-8880

    4835 Fayettevill Rd.
    Raleigh, N.C. 27603
    Office: (919) 772-5101
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