Trash dump sticker going up to $100

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Straitlover, May 28, 2016.

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    Lower prices yes not necessarily higher quality.
  3. Harvey

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    Uh, yeah. Through a competitive bid process much like the government does all the time so it wouldn't be all that odd. I also didn't say we had to have one company, but they can split up the county into multiple areas and companies can bid on as many as they can handle. I have to imagine that it would be more cost effective for a company to run their trucks to hit every household within a 5 mile radius than to skip every 10th house like they do now. Granted whoever wins the bid is who you are stuck with so it isn't a perfect system.
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    Government can't e even run themselves. Keep the government out of as much as possible unless you want all the politicians sons running sub par trash pick up unionized companies like the damn Yankees have north of the Mason Dixon line. Just because they have it don't mean we want it. Stop and think folks. Crap like this suggestion is why you moved South.
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    In most places "up north" the trash service is very well run, as are junkyards, trucking companies, gambling institutions, construction companies, brothels, horse tracks, money laundering fronts etc. You don't want their services you need their services, Capisce? o_O
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    I worked for gov't for 10 years, I can tell you that the bid process is a crock of s... When they spend $400 for a hammer, or $250 for a toilet seat, they are not exactly getting a deal. But their brother who is selling them is surely making a profit.

    The gov't spends $200M for launching a satellite with ULA when they could do it for $60M with SpaceX. SpaceX had to sue the gov't to even allow them to bid on jobs, and they still don't win. So now they pay an extra $140M of your tax dollars per launch because ULA (aka Boeing and Lockheed) have better lobbyists taking the senators out to golfing trips.

    What industry has benefited the consumer when they were regulated by the government then when they were allowed to compete freely for the consumers' business?
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    Not sure how it is done but I can aussure you that Wake county has the same issue and has an answer.
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    Having lived in Wake County for many years I can tell you they don't check anything! I've used the Cary and Raleigh convienence centers without ever being checked. Have also used both hazardous waste sites in Wake County with this also being true. Even though I live in the Johnston Cty part of Garner I will drive over and use the Old Stage Rd convienence center if I don't have much. For an occasional large load I just use the one off of 210 and pay the fee. The one on Barber Mill Rd is probably less than 2 miles from where I live but I'm not going to pay for a sticker, period. When I lived in Wake Cty the fees were included in your property taxes. I see now that Cary charges a separate $16 monthly fee. My neighborhood out here probably has at least six or more different trash trucks coming through weekly.
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    Bucky..From what you are saying , You are cheating the system..Going across county line to dump trash.While Wake Co. people have a tax they pay for to use their county dumps..Same as getting something for nothing..
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