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  1. VolleyGrl

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    I just started taking a Zumba class down in the city of Garner and I love it, but I know that there are classes in the 40/42 area as well and would love to go to classes around here on other nights of the week. I did a search for old threads and don't see anything too recent. Where is everyone doing Zumba these days? Times? Cost? I want to be able to pop around to different locations/classes because my schedule is crazy, but I also don't want to have to pay to join a gym just to do the Zumba. Any info is appreciated.

    I am currently doing the Zumba through Garner Parks and Rec and do know about it through Clayton Parks and Rec. I have looked at the Zumba site, but it's not entirely clear if the locations/times are where you can just show up and most don't have a price so just looking for guidance.


    p.s. if you want to sweat Jazzercise about killed me the other day. Also a great option over by the Clubhouse! I'll be doing that as well. It ain't just for Richard Simmons anymore! :lol:
  2. bandmom

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    http://ladiesfitnessgym.com/schedule/ (located on Cleveland school rd)
    I'm a member so I'm not sure, but they used to let you pay by the class - but I don't see that on the website, so u might wanna call and see.

    http://dpmstudios.com/index.php/lessons (located in Clayton)
    Just Dance with Raquel
    Monday nights from 7:30PM-8:20PM ($5 per class)

    Zumba Funk with Linda--
    Wednesday nights from 6:00PM-7:00PM ($5 per class)

    Zumba Explosion with Linda
    Thursday nights from 6:30PM-7:30PM ($5 per class)

    Those are the only ones I know about.

    ZUMBAbyMARIE Well-Known Member

    I have a class on Tuesday nights. Let me know if you want the details. I also have a facebook page with some before and after pictures.
  4. VolleyGrl

    VolleyGrl Well-Known Member

    I've recently started coaching volleyball and most of our games are on Tuesday nights, but they only go through the end of October so after that I will have Tuesdays open. I would love the info!

    ZUMBAbyMARIE Well-Known Member

    I sent you a PM. :)
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  7. ferrickhead28

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    I take classes in Raleigh with Veronica. No joke, she's good. She's really good at explaining the steps before the routine. I've been going for a year now, lost almost 50 lbs and have made soooooooo many great friends from it! We also have "Zumba Night Out" where we get together and go to a restaurant or something.

    We are actually having a Celebration on October 19th. It's on the meetup page, everyone is welcome! I like going to her class because it's a great opportunity to meet other people. My social calendar is always full now, lol

    She also has classes on Sundays which is great. :)

  8. bandmom

    bandmom Well-Known Member

    50 lbs, that's awesome! I have taken Step classes for yrs, and have tried Zumba 2 times, different instructors - but both times felt frustrated and I leave not wanting to go back because they didn't explain the steps first...and then it gets so fast that I feel like a fool...:oops:
  9. DancerRaquel

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    We do have Zumba classes at DPM Studios in Clayton! 8)

    My mother, Linda, teaches the classes and she has been teaching for over 30 years in the fitness industry. Our classes focus on moving from the core of the body with little high impact jumping. Also, we are not a gym so those classes with 60-80 people is not an option at our location. We feel it is very important to see you when we teach!

    Classes are as follows (and THANK YOU, BandMoM)

    Wednesdays at 6:00pm
    Thursdays at 6:30pm

    If you would like to visit a class- I would be happy to allow you to come for free for your first time. As far as the steps go, we make the routines as simple as possible for you to follow... but being consistent within attending classes will always help coordination and learning the routines. We are also willing to help you after class if needed.
  10. pkc789

    pkc789 Well-Known Member

    I am a member at Gold's in Clayton so I dance there. Clayton Fitness has Zumba/dance fitness drop in for $5 on Mon, Thur & Sat with Cindy "Dance Into Shape Crew". It is a ton of fun.
  11. Leixlip

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    Jess Dance into Fitness does Zumba Tue & Thurs 6.30-730pm at Kids Clubhouse behind the Dollar General on Cleveland Sch Rd. She's awesome, $5 a class and a fun workout.

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