‘I know this is a long shot but I may need help with a ride to work every now and then.

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Rockyv58, Apr 26, 2023.

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    ‘I know this is a long shot but I may need help with a ride to work every now and then. I have people who help me but I need a backup just in case. I work 12 hour shifts back to back every other weekend. Due to the long drive I don’t get much sleep and to be safe I hire a driver for my Sunday shift. I would need to be picked up 5:30 am near Cleveland High School and taken to Rex Hospital on Lake Boone Trail. Then picked up at the hospital at 7pm to be taken home. Uber is much too expensive but I have been paying $50 round trip. I could use the help. Please message me.
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    $50 seems high to me. It's about 30 miles each way. About 83 cents per mile. A 30 mpg car is like 13 cents a mile at current gas prices. If we were regularly home I would help, but we are out of the area too often to be reliable.
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    Well it wouldn't be too often anyway. I work ever other weekend. I do have a person who does give me a ride on those Sunday's. But she has MS and I know there will be times she won't be able to help. And the last time she didn't feel up to it my back up was unable to give me a lift. So I am kind of looking for a back up to the back up. I've had to use Uber a couple of times at least during the week. And I have no clue if they would do it on Sundays. And they are over 100.00. And that is almost my entire days pay (well at least 3/4th of it. give or take)

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