40/210 Interchange Construction

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    It looks like NC 210 will be undergoing serious changes around I-40, similar to what's going on at NC 42 (just on a smaller scale). Construction is scheduled to start in 2029.


    NC 210 would be widened to 4 lanes, from NC 50, across I-40, and up to Raleigh Rd.

    The intersection of NC 210 and NC 50 and would reconfigured to not allow left turns. Depending on which proposal they go with, you would either have to make a U-turn after the intersection, or use a jughandle-type road that would run behind the CVS and connect to both 50 and 210 slightly away from the main intersection.

    Two of the alternatives for NC 210 at I-40 propose a diverging diamond exchange, just like what they're currently making at 40/42.

    Lots of detailed maps are at the DOT's "publicinput.com" link above.
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