A Twist on the Nigerian Prince

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    Good day and compliments, I know this letter will definitely come to you as a surprise, but I implore you to take the time to go through it carefully as the decision you make will go off a long way to determine my future and continued existence. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Sgt Anthony Saenz, in 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division here that Patrols the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. I am desperately in need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you.

    I am presently in Afghanistan and I found your contact particulars in an address journal. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of $26m (Twenty Six Million United States Dollars) to you, as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is no stolen money and there are no dangers involved.


    Some money in US DOLLARS was discovered and concealed in barrels at a location in Helman Province when we conducted a foot patrol and it was agreed by all party present that the money be shared amongst us.This might appear as an illegal thing to do but I tell you what? No compensation can make up for the risks we have taken with our lives in this hellhole. The above figure was given to me as my share and to conceal this kind of money became a problem for me, so with the help of a Canadian contact working with the UN here (his office enjoys some immunity) I was able to get the package out to a safe location entirely out of trouble spot. He does not know the real contents of the package as he believes that it belongs to an American who died in an air raid, who before giving up trusted me to hand over the package to his close relative.

    I have now found a secured way of getting the package out of Afghanistan for you to pick up. I do not know how long I will remain here, as I have been lucky to survive 2 suicide bomb attacks by Pure Divine intervention. This and other reasons put into consideration have prompted me to reach out for help. If it might be of interest to you then Endeavor to contact me immediately and we would work out the necessary formalities but I pray that you are discreet about this mutually benefiting relationship.

    I will give to you 30% of the sum and 70% is for me. I hope I am been fair on this deal, Get back to me with your full information:

    YOUR FULL NAME.........
    YOUR FULL ADDRESS....................
    COPY OF YOUR ID..............

    I wait for your contact details so we can go on.

    Sgt Anthony Saenz.
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    Might be illegal? LOL ....
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    MIGHT be?
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    Sadly, there are TONS of people that fall for things like this....I see it too often :(
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    Got this today while looking for work:

    Dear Robert V,

    Thank you for your prompt reply, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Mr. John Nassel-Henderson the Company Secretary of The Makana Investment Corp (Pty) Ltd. (MIC)

    The Makana Investment Corp (Pty) Ltd is an investment consultant, we analyze our client's current financial status and helps them set reasonable, achievable financial goals. We also make an investment recommendations, provide objective advice, and help our clients weigh the financial consequences of life decisions.

    The MIC has an investor in your Country who wish to re-invest their funds by putting it into the management of private businessmen and corporations with good business ideas that can generate at least 10% ROI per Annul over maximum of 5years duration.

    We need you to provide where we can re-invest the funds. Kindly confirm if you are interested in more details. We look forward to your swift response.

    Mr. John Nassel-Henderson

    Makana Investment Corp (Pty) Ltd
    Address: 11 Musgrave Rd,
    Essenwood, Durban, 4001 South Africa
    Phone Number: +27311001819
    Personal Email: johenderso@msn.com
    Business Email: john@makanainvest.co.za

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