Abandoned Dog Needs Foster ASAP

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    Hello neighbors!
    A fellow neighbor had posted today that a neighbor had moved out and left this poor pup behind. The dog is not aggressive and is a female. She was picked up today by Johnston County animal control. She is currently at the Johnston County Animal Shelter in Smithfield. I have been working all day to find a rescue and thankfully JCAPL.org will take her we just need someone to volunteer to foster her. This poor girl really just needs a second chance at life. <3

    She will be fully taken care of and when she’s ready to be adopted they will find her a forever home

    Anyone willing to foster her? I can help with transportation if needed. Please let me know if you can foster.

    PLEASE share and ask around if you know of anyone who can foster! Would love to have a place ready for her by Monday when the shelter opens again!

    (Always up to adopt as well!)
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