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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Rockyv58, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Thank you for the info. It may be a good option for the family next year!
  5. bosoxfan

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    Hampton Inn at 40/42 might be a good option. I've also heard good reports on the Comfort Suites on 70 by Biscuitville.
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    We've had family members stay at Hampton Inn at 40/42 and were a bit disappointed. It was not to the usual Hampton standards. All the hotels in the 40/42 area are a bit run down. I don't know anything about the Comfort Suites in Clayton though.
    The best choice we have found near the area is the Wingate by Wyndham in Garner.
  7. Wraunch

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    We've stayed at the Drury Inn in Charlotte multiple times. Nice, modern and clean. Best thing is they do a happy hour every night where you get two drinks for free and they have heavy appetizers like sliders, nachos, hot dogs, etc. The wife and I went one time and ate dinner there before a show. They have popcorn and soft drinks later at night and a good breakfast in the morning.
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    My friends stayed at the Drury in Greenville, SC this weekend and they loved it! That one had 3free drinks during the social time.
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    Best guess for the shopping center on the Northwest Corner at White Oak. This is purely speculation at this point.

    NW white oak.GIF
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    Do you think they will build anything next to Panera (in front of Morris & Associates)?
  11. gcoats3

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    TBD Anchor store - Belk's - unless new owners scrap!
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    Belk's moving from where they are, would hurt that shopping center.
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    I ate at 5 Guys last night - looks like Blaze Pizza is going into the same building with City BBQ. I was concentrating on my bag o' fries, but thought I saw the "Blaze Pizza Coming Soon" sign in the window.
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    It is I saw that too.
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    It looks to be a pretty good guess, but I am fairly certain that Blaze pizza is going in next to Five Guys. My best guess is that there will be a Zaxsby over with the Panera. Very sad when we heard there will be yet another Sheetz, such a waste.
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    Yes, it appears that Blaze and T-mobile are both over by 5 Guys now.

    So not sure what is going to be in that shopping center on the corner. They said 2 restaurants and a few retail. Typically Zaxby's and Panera are stand alone establishments and not in a strip.

    Personally, I can't wait for Sheetz to be there. Cheap gas in the area and more E85. Right now you either have to get off at the Hess at Jones Sausage or go all the way to 40/42 for gas. The White Oak exit doesn't have gas nearby, it's a few miles down the road.
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    The Sheetz @ Cornwallis/42 has e 85, and e 50 now.
  18. jesse82nc

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    Do you mean E15? There's currently 8 Sheetz in the area that have E85 and E15 (will be 9 when 42/50 comes online). The one at Cornwallis has had it for a few months now, first week of September to be exact was when they did the Retrofit there. Every Sheetz in NC will have E15 and E85 within the next few months. I use E85 all the time in my Corvette, makes about 20 more hp for me.
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    I use it to fill my rental cars before dropping them off. Milage isn't as good but all I am interested in is volume.
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    The difference for me is between E85 (which is about 105 octane) and Super (93 Octane). $1.64 vs $2.64 a gallon. On E85 I average 17 mpg, and on 93 I average 23 mpg. So I lose 6 mpg, but it is $1.00 cheaper per gallon. E85 works out to 9.92 center per mile, 93 is 11.47 cents per mile, so I save about 1.6 cents per mile. Plus I net 20 more rwhp and it's cleaner and cooler burning inside the engine. Win win for me.
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