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  1. 1_more_PitBull

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    Does anyone know where I can find historical aerial photos? I'm looking this for a Christmas gift. Would love to go back as far as the 50's but I will take the 80's. I have found one site, but the address I'm needing the photo is not that clear. Thanks for your help.
  2. ddrdan

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    Some of the NC Counties GIS systems have a tool bar slide option that will give you all the past aerials of a property from as far back as their records go.
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  3. High Plains Drifter

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    Google Earth used to have this feature.
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  4. Kent

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  5. 1_more_PitBull

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    Thank you all!! I just used the ones I already found. Here is the site I found most useful

    I had found the but they had no images for the 40/42 area. I was however able to find it on the UNC site.

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