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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by markfnc, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. markfnc

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    Its looking more and more that the former conagra site will be the new Amazon Distribution Center. This is not the HQ2 selection that Raleigh/Durham is on short list for. Building permits have been filed and contractor/architect listed have done Amazon work before.

    This will a $166 million 4 story bldg. on the former conaga site. 2000 jobs will be available there.

    What do you think? This will be a good thing for construction, construction suppliers and for job opportunities down the road.

    Article is TBJ today
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  2. sirputz

    sirputz Well-Known Member

    Saw equipment there a week and a half ago when I drove by. I imagine it will take a full year before they open, at minimum.

    I just hope the hours of operations are staggered from everything else, like a 5-2 shift and a 2-11 shift
  3. tassy

    tassy Well-Known Member

    In the past two weeks they've done a lot of land clearing, you can see it both from Jones Sausage Rd and from I-40.
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  4. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    2.3 million sf. 4 stories. 1 year construction (crazy fast, even for warehouse), 1500-2000 permanent job. They announced one in Charlotte yesterday also. This announcement will be at 10 am today for the Garner site.
  5. markfnc

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  6. markfnc

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  7. Hught

    Hught Well-Known Member

    Thanks, it is nice that they worked in a little memorial for the employees that died.

    I was visiting the wife at town hall when they were busing all the employees in to Clayton to tell them they were shutting the place down.
  8. DWK

    DWK Well-Known Member

    The new Amazon distribution center will be a huge boon to Garner, not just in construction jobs while the facility is being built, but also by attracting other peripheral businesses that will support it. Also, because Amazon has built a worldwide brand that is recognized as innovative, I wouldn’t be surprised if other innovative companies followed suit and built in this area. It’s a real game-changer. I’m just hoping that these newly built, Amazon distribution centers in the Southeast are not a “consolation prize” to the proposed Amazon 2 Headquarters. Only time will tell. Would help some if they beefed-up Jones Sausage Road too.
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  9. Smithers

    Smithers Well-Known Member

    I'm curious what kind of jobs this will bring and how much they pay. If all the jobs are $10/hr box stuffers, it would be better than nothing but doesn't seem to be a huge boon to the area.
  10. lgb0250

    lgb0250 Well-Known Member

    It will be to many fast food and retail store associates! Warehouse workers start at $13 minimum. Might not seem like much to some but it can create a future for many that are relegated to minimum wage jobs!
  11. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    I heard starting $13/hr., but after 6 mo. you get full benefits including insurance. But then again, maybe they get rid of you at 5 1/2 mo.
  12. pcroom

    pcroom Well-Known Member

    $13.00 an hour is good but the possibility of getting benefits is GREAT!! Health insurance is to costly for most. The possibility of young people getting Medicare in the future is not going to happen. I am on Medicare and have a Medicare supplement that pays all my medical bills. If I'm not mistaken if you are able to get on a group plan it will cover preexisting health issues. When I was working it did. So, if these people have the opportunity to work hard and get the benefits, they better take advantage of this. My Medicare supplement is expensive but I could not pay out of pocket what Medicare does not pay. I sacrifice to pay for it.
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