Amazon Photos 888-802-3080 WA

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    Amazon Photos 888-802-3080 WA
    Queston for anyone. I saw a charge on my bank for $10.24. Apparently from Amazon.
    Just to day I had upgraded my Amazon photos from 5gb to 105gb. at 1.99 a month. That 1.99 is pending but there was a charge for the $10.24. And in the description for the $10.24 was Amazon Photos 888-802-3080 WA, Apparently that 888-802-3080 is a phone number. I could not find any help numbers for Amazon when I googled it. . So I called that Number. And of course the person has an Indian (India) accent. I was naturally suspicious. It made me more suspicious when they asked for the last 4 of my credit card. I told them let me call my bank and i will call you right back. I hung up and called back. And of course got a second person with an Indian (India) accent. So I immediately. I googled the phone number (888-802-3080) and pretty much every page says its fraud. I tried to call my bank but I have to do that during normal business hours.

    Has anyone had anything like that happen to them? And does anyone off hand know a legit phone number for Amazon. Thanks In Advance.

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    Hey moderator, Can you go and delete this post for me. I finally got it worked out with Amazon. Thanks Bob
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    Possibly you uploaded more than 2GB of video storage?

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