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    A teacher is going viral for explaining a complicated concept in a way that small children can understand — and parents everywhere are applauding.

    Teacher and TikToker Aimee (@AimeesEdventures) gained over 2 million views and 2,000 comments when she shared her eye-opening lesson online.

    In the video, Aimee explains that each year, on the first day of school, she uses regular bandages to teach her elementary schoolers an important lesson in fairness.

    “I ask my students to raise their hands if they’ve ever scraped their elbow. As you can imagine, they all raise their hand,” she explains.

    “So, I get a Band-Aid. I pick on one student to tell us a story of how they hurt their elbow. Then I put the Band-Aid on their elbow,” she continues.

    “Next, I ask who’s ever bumped their head. More hands go up, I have someone tell me a story, and then I say, ‘I am so sorry you hurt your head. Here’s a Band-Aid for your elbow.’ The kids are a little bit confused at this point,” Aimee goes on to say.

    “Next, I ask who’s ever scraped their knee. More hands go up, and I say, ‘I am so sorry you scraped your knee. Here’s a Band-Aid for your elbow.’ At this point, the kids are super confused,” Aimee says with a chuckle.

    “I’ll stop my lesson, and we’ll have a conversation about how, even though I gave everyone the exact same thing, in the exact same way, it wasn’t helpful to them,” the teacher goes on to explain.

    “In conclusion, ‘fair’ doesn’t mean everyone gets the same thing. ‘Fair’ means everyone gets what they need to be successful,” Aimee smiles.

    “After this lesson, students are much more understanding when their friends with diabetes need an extra snack, when their friends with autism need noise-canceling headphones, when their friends with ADHD need a fidget spinner and they can’t have one. It helps with everything,” the teacher concludes.
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