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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by MommySAIDno, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. MommySAIDno

    MommySAIDno Well-Known Member

    having trouble logging in to their roadrunner email account?

    I can't get to my homepage ( I even tried using to bypass the page - no luck.

    My internet explorer browser won't work either...maybe because it's default homepage is I'm using aol browser now.

    Sorry if this has already been posted. If it has, can you kindly post a link to the thread.

    This is just GREAT...all I need is just ONE MORE FLIPPIN COMPUTER PROBLEM TODAY!:banghead:
  2. Grace Slick

    Grace Slick Well-Known Member

    Where are you located? We are up and running off of 42 East. I use Mozilla to get out to the internet and have Road Runner. I just like Mozilla better than Explorer. Hope you get up and running. Check your browser settings and check your wireless network (if you have one). Sometimes we cannot get out on our Network for some reason and hook up unsecured but do not do it for long.


  3. clive

    clive Well-Known Member

    Had trouble last night but this morining everything seemed fine.
  4. MommySAIDno

    MommySAIDno Well-Known Member

    Well, when I try to go to, I get this message:

    Around Town North Carolina is currently unavailable due to technical difficulties. It will return as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
    In the meantime, please choose one of our media affiliates for the latest news and information, or Click here to go to the Time Warner Cable Raleigh Division site.

    So, I guess they are having problems. Still, you'd think I could still get to my email via another means? My neighbor is using a different browser and she can get to her email ??? Am I missing something.

    Grace, no wireless (yet:mrgreen:), but I checked my browser settings and all seems well there.

    I wonder, recently, I was prompted to download internet explorer version 7.0 When I tried to, it said I needed windows XP at least to do so. I presently have win98se (but now that DD's computer is fixed and I did not have to load the xp disk I bought, I will change that:mrgreen:), so... I could not load 7.0. Shortly after that, I started getting some strange error messages from internet explorer and it has been acting weird. Maybe that's my problem?
  5. swinkles

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  6. Grace Slick

    Grace Slick Well-Known Member

    I hope your internet is up and running now. Yes, Internet Explorer 7.0 can be difficult on your system. Don't download it without XP (I thought it would not let one do it). If you have it on your computer and don't have XP uninstall it. I really recommend Mozilla. A few places still want someone to go through Explorer and if needed you can use the older version.

    Try downloading Mozilla. After you do that then go to Tools, Options and on the first Tab you will notice that it will have a place to put your home page when Mozilla. This means that each time you open it up it automatically goes to that page. Highlight the portion after the www. and put in This way every time you open up your browser it goes straight to Google and you can then go to your email account from that point. See how it works and let me know. Later you can switch that home page back to whatever your email account is if that is what you want the browser going to when you open it up.

    Not wireless...are you crazy? We are wireless everywhere except I am having a problem with one of my printers.


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