At least 2 Sam's Club stores closed in NC

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Wayne Stollings, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Being ready and willing is the opposite of no. In that case, one must go where the jobs are located. And because I know you are going to play a sad tune about how that's not realistic.....see immigration from Europe, Mexico and transient people all over the US relocating for jobs. It happens every day and has been since the beginning of time.
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    Nope...I'm going to drop it right here, out of respect for the folks who want us to keep this kind of thing in the Pit.

    Have a fine day, sir.
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    there are generally 2-3 wal marts within 10 miles of a Sam's Club. Id expect all are offered jobs at local wal mart.
  6. DWK

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    I do occasionally pick up a few essentials here and there at Walmart when I absolutely need to, I just don't do the bulk of my weekly shopping there anymore by choice. Whereas I used to spend hundreds of dollars per month, I now spent maybe five or ten dollars at most. I think you may have mistaken what I have written as some kind of narrow, political screed, which it is not, since there are many other reasons why I don't like shopping at Walmart, that have nothing to do with their business practices. Walmart's push for improved "efficiency" may be a model that they will follow in the future, with advanced technologies, and so forth, but improved "efficiency" through advanced technologies are things that are not particularly valuable to me as a consumer anyway.
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  7. Wayne Stollings

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    About 2 years ago there was an even larger set of closings in NC:

    Walmart is closing 154 locations in the U.S., including 16 Walmart Express stores and one Supercenter in North Carolina.

    The closing includes a total of 102 Walmart Express stores throughout the country. The Walmart Express concept has been in place since 2011 but they are instead going to "focus on strengthening Supercenters, optimizing Neighborhood Markets, growing the e-commerce business and expanding Pickup services for customers," according to the press release below.8

    Near the Triangle, multiple stores will be closing including locations in Benson, Four Oaks, Princeton, Coats and more. The Supercenter in Durham at 1010 Martin Luther King Pkwy is also closing. All of the stores have a closing date of January 28, 2016
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    I hate it for the employees. I like Costco and what they do for their employees.
  9. DWK

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    According to retail industry news, Walmart is currently in the process of developing different types of stores in order to cater to different socio-economic groups, so while they'll be shutting down some of the typical, "big box" type stores, or transforming them into distribution centers, they'll also be experimenting with brand new models. "Project Kepler" is one of their prototype retail store models that if developed will cater to affluent customers and will have all of the latest retail technology and customized shopping services that these customers expect, while Walmart stores serving the less affluent, will be smaller and more competitive with Dollar General type stores. If a location continues to be profitable, then it will stay the same with minor changes made, but not all Walmart stores will get upgraded with the same technology, or will offer the same services, since that will largely be determined by the demographic and socioeconomic status of the customer.
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    where is the lidls you shop at? and with all these self pays will the prices be lower? doubt it
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    I do my weekly shopping at the Lidl's on Falls of the Neuse in Raleigh now. It's a hike, but my husband and I usually go out to breakfast once a week in Raleigh anyway, so now we just add our shopping trip at Lidl's to that. Lidl's backed out of building on some property on Hwy 70 in Clayton, but they're still looking to build somewhere in the area, at least that's what the corporate office told me. I haven't heard anything about how the new technology at Walmart will result in lower prices for the customer, which would be nice, but I'm happier shopping at Lidl's right now, where the quality is very good, the prices are better, and overall, it's a lot more pleasant.
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