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  1. 1pittsburgh

    1pittsburgh Well-Known Member

    We are getting ready to go to the Bahamas. Any suggestions on what is the best options for cell phone usage. Our provider is verizon. I have a hotspot as part of my plan. Can that be used without a fee to connect to the internet?
  2. KellBell

    KellBell Well-Known Member

    Call Verizon and tell them you are going to the Bahamas they will walk you through your options. They will tell you how to set up your phone once you get there so you can text/call. When I went to St. Croix last year, it was free to text but was 1.99 a minute to make a call. Not sure about internet stuff, there was free wi-fi at the resort where we stayed.
  3. Hught

    Hught Well-Known Member

    Yep, and you need to contact Verizon before you go.

    You should see if your hotel offers free WiFi. I used WiFi whenever I could in Europe earlier this year but still rang up over $50 in data fees over a two week period.
  4. Harvey

    Harvey Well-Known Member

    Check Clark Howard's web site. He is always giving advice on how to handle this.
  5. shar824

    shar824 Well-Known Member

    We are headed that way in January on a cruise, anyone been there in January and how was the weather? I looked up online the avg temps is between 81 and 68???? Anybody have personal experience that time of year?
  6. Judge Smails

    Judge Smails Well-Known Member

    I went to Freeport in February of '12 and it was a bit below what they said the average was. The temp hung around mid 70s with some cloud cover. So it was comfortable but not what I was hoping for, which was closer to 80 :)
  7. shar824

    shar824 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! We are planning on doing the Atlantis Aquaventure, maybe a bit cold for me to swim but for an 8 and 9 year old, they won't care...
  8. DMJmom

    DMJmom Well-Known Member

    We went 2 years ago in December and the weather was perfect! We went in the ocean, pool, laid out in the sun, etc. definitely 80s temps!
  9. bandmom

    bandmom Well-Known Member

    If you're near Nassau and want to go snorkeling, etc - we used "The Total Package" - and they were great! and one of the more reasonably priced ones for everything they offered!

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