Best Vet??

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by YaYa, Mar 3, 2005.


Who do you think is the best vet???

  1. Robinson Animal Hospital

  2. Clayton Animal Hospital

  3. Cleveland School Animal Hospital

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  4. Willow Run

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  1. YaYa

    YaYa Well-Known Member

    Who do you think is the best Vet office in all of Johnston County and the 40 42 area???
  2. ljk

    ljk Well-Known Member

    I have had good luck at Cleveland School A H as well, but Dr. Lash left to start her own mobile clinic... so now I worry if it will still be as good.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    I vote for Clayton Animal Hospital. They are the only vet I use. They are great and have been around for at least 20 years. I have always been satisfied with their service. My parents found them because we had a cat that had been shot and his back leg was shattered and it was after hours. Dr. Bagley told them to bring the cat in and he would see what he could do and that he was there 24 hours because he lived there.
  4. ready2cmyKing

    ready2cmyKing Well-Known Member

    She LEFT, as in sold her practice? Did you know her husband is a vet in Garner? I can't remember his name or the name of his practice but he is off of Hwy. 50 between Timber and Hwy 70.
  5. ready2cmyKing

    ready2cmyKing Well-Known Member

    I used Stage Road Animal Hospital which is just over the Harnet County line so I guess I can't vote for my vet. I'd have to say Dr. Bagley is a fabulous vet but his prices are too high for me. I'd use him as a specialist but not for routine things like vaccines. I did vote for Clayton Animal Hospital of the ones in Johnston county choices. Of course, seeing that I've never tried two of the other practices before, I don't know how fair my vote is. :)

    UNCHEELS Well-Known Member

    Clayton Animal Hospital. Been going there for 8 years now. We see Dr. Stacey Beam - she's great!
  7. Southernborn

    Southernborn Well-Known Member

    Clayton Animal Hospital...been going there for 7 years!
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

  9. froggerplus

    froggerplus Well-Known Member

    That one's called Cleveland Community Animal Hospital and was not included in the poll :cry: Both vets are fabulous. They've taken care of my animals since they opened. Dr. M saved my cat's life...he decided it would be fun to eat either a brown recluse or black widow. He doesn't eat insects anymore...He did learn that lesson. Dr. Turner takes care of my doggie.

    Love them both, and the staff!
  10. Jean S

    Jean S Well-Known Member

    When Dr Lash decided to go mobile, she sold her practice to Dr Basden who had previously worked at CSAH as an associate vet. Dr Haden is the Garner vet that was mentioned in the above posts and he is not her husband, he is her Ex-Husband. Dr Lash has been our vet at CSAH for many years and now that she is mobile she comes to our house to care for our furry kids. She has everything she needs to take care of their yearly wellness exams and booster vaccines and can treat problems like ear infection, skin problems, etc...basically anything that does not require surgery or an X-ray. Her TN is 329-7387.
  11. ubergeek

    ubergeek Well-Known Member

    Before she went mobile, Dr. Lash was kind enough to come to our home and put our very old and pitiful german shepherd to sleep. She saved our poor dog a lot of stress on her last day and helped her go peacefully. It was such a blessing and she was so kind.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member


    I agree, Dr Lash is a wonderful vet. My dogs are not due for their check-ups for a few months, but I will definately call her when they need their shots and checkups. It will be so much better for her to come to my house than trying to take all 3 dogs to the office. Thanks for giving me her website and phone number.

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