Big Steve's Bagels

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by sarahmama, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. ubergeek

    ubergeek Well-Known Member

    Born in Knoxville, TN lived here in various parts of the Triangle for over 28 years. Been to NYC once, didn't like it...smelled bad.

    Still love bagels. :D
  2. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales Well-Known Member

    Okay, As long as you know about melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk biscuits. I was just worried about you eating chewy bread. :lol:
  3. Oy Yayoy

    Oy Yayoy Well-Known Member

    There's nothing worse than "balloon bread"!
  4. peppercorns

    peppercorns Well-Known Member

    I ate there and LOVED it, Bacon egg and cheese on a roll with Salt and pepper -Yummy!!!!

    I will go back! It was a Sunday morning when I was there ... I think... All the good Southerns were gathered at church and All the EX-Yankees were gathered at the bagel store.
  5. zookeeper

    zookeeper Well-Known Member

    :lol: good one peps!
  6. Oy Yayoy

    Oy Yayoy Well-Known Member

    My wife and I refer to IHOP on late Sunday mornings as the Baptist Convention.
  7. Oy Yayoy

    Oy Yayoy Well-Known Member

    The bagels are good. Had to have a toasted garlic one with ham, egg, and cheese this weekend!
  8. PMPC69

    PMPC69 Member

  9. gcoats3

    gcoats3 Well-Known Member

    We finally made it to Big Steve's. Had lunch. Pastrami & swiss on toasted onion bagel and ham & swiss on toasted onion bagel were very good. We will return. Good luck to Big Steve and his staff. Very friendly and efficient.
  10. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

    We finally went this am! WOW!!!
    I had a hot ham and cheese bagel and DH got a chocolate chip bagel w/cream cheese.


    If you have not been there yet, you have to go!
  11. PoohBear

    PoohBear Well-Known Member

    The wife and I had lunch at Big Steve's again today. Let me tell you folks if you are a bagel lover and have not been to Big Steve's you need to go.
    A sandwich (Corned beef, pastrami, or ham, etc.) on a toasted onion bagel is delicious.
    Staff is very friendly and efficient. Good bagels and good service! What more can you ask for?
  12. tame44444

    tame44444 Well-Known Member

    Great place

    I have read the posts about the Bagel Shop and just went this past weekend to check it out. The OREO CREAM CHEESE is delicious! This is a great place. They even had mini bagels that they passed out to my son for free, nice people.
  13. Master_Shake

    Master_Shake Banned

    I love the bagels! A little too much cream cheese for my tastes, but that's better than not enough. Steve and his family are great people too. Only problem I had was when I took my daughter there for lunch one day. She got a turkey sandwhich and it costs $4.50. That didn't include any chips or drink and it was the size of a 6" at Subway. My kid said that it was a good sandwhich, but I was surprised at the price because their bagel prices are really, really reasonable.
  14. neighborLEE

    neighborLEE Well-Known Member

    Bagels? Are those things Deep Fried?

    Next NORTH -vs- SOUTH War sounds like the bagel shops
    will be on the front lines as a Yankee gathering point.
  15. barney726

    barney726 Well-Known Member

    Big Steves prices

    Their prices are on the board. Should not be surprised at the price. Get the ham on a onion bagel and you will not be disappointed in the price compared to a 6" sub at Subway.

    Speaking of prices. I tried Fat Guy's Deli on Hwy 42 today. I had a corned beef on rye with swiss cheese and a cup of tap water. Total $7.00. It was good and I am not complaining about the price but if I go back I will get one of their specials. It is cheaper and comes with a side and a soft drink.
  16. Master_Shake

    Master_Shake Banned

    Anyway, the bagels are great!!
  17. zookeeper

    zookeeper Well-Known Member

    No bagels that I've ever heard of are deep fried...only donuts.

    At Big Steves, they make them the 'northern' way....water proof rather than heat proofing (to make them rise) then they are baked in an oven.
  18. Snuffleufogous

    Snuffleufogous Well-Known Member

    Have y'all been living in a cave around here?!:rolleyes: When I was at NCSU, we ate lunch all the time at Brueger's Bagel Bakery on Hillsborough St. Most of the patrons there were State students, not "Yankees." That was in the 1980's. Bagel shops have been around in the Triangle and in other parts of this state for decades. People go to these places because they like bagels, not because they are "Yankees." Besides, bagels are healthier than greasy biscuits, and they go just as well with grits and eggs. I know this from experience, because that was the breakfast special at the Boone Bagelry in Boone -- had it many times. Yum, yum!

  19. littleguy

    littleguy Well-Known Member

    I love Big Steve's but in the last couple of months there is a situation that bothers me. When picking up a couple of orders this older couple either came in or was there. It is obvious family. The older gentleman goes behind the counter and makes them sandwiches. What bothers me is both times he picks up several rolls, feels them and takes the one he wants out. His hand is not covered with plastic like the workers use when making sandwiches. I have no idea where his hands have been. He is not making my sandwich but he handled bread that will be used for other customers. I probably will be going elsewhere. But again the sandwiches at Bib Steve's are the best. I wish them the best.
  20. Kdog

    Kdog Well-Known Member

    Although Fomanos doesn't have bagels they have great sandwiches.

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