Blue minivan on Cleveland

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by smiles, Feb 8, 2018.

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    First, to the man driving the blue minivan at 3:40-3:45pm today down Cleveland Road. Have you seen the speed limit signs? They aren't difficult to see...those white rectangles with black numbers on them? Well, they do say 45MPH. There is no need to flip off a teenager run up almost into her bumper numerous times and lay on the horn because her going a few miles over the speed limit isn't good enough for you. Then to try to pull up next to her in the turn lane? Really? What was the point of that? (Other than being the a $ $ that you obviously already proved yourself to be?)

    Oh, and you were on your way to pick up your child at Cleveland Elementary. Way to go, so-not-Father-of-the-Year. You see, someone who cares about their own kid knows being a minute later is better than causing an accident and not getting there at all. (And you weren't late...carpool was still there...)

    So next time you want to get somewhere a little faster, how about leaving earlier? Don't put other drivers at risk for your poor planning. And stop being an A $ $ and trying to scare a teen driver off the road WHEN SHE IS ACTUALLY A BETTER DRIVER THAN YOU ARE!)
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    Thats why so many accidents happen!! Please be more patient, especially around young drivers!
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