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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by poptart4breakfast, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. poptart4breakfast

    poptart4breakfast Well-Known Member

    I am looking for someone to spread 15 tons of gravel with a bobcat. Anyone know anybody that does this? Thanks!
  2. claytonian

    claytonian Well-Known Member

    Bobcat service

    Just sent you a PM.

    TLCNDEB2 Guest

    For Bob-Cat Service

    Call Tim at 422-7468 or 550-1891 we own a Bob-Cat, Thank you & God Bless
  4. seabee

    seabee Guest

    Use a shovel and rake for that small amount... Let the driver spread it for you...

    I can knock out that in oh say 2.5-3 hrs... :):)
  5. dgsatman

    dgsatman Well-Known Member

    Call Tim.

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