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    I'm betting no. This is nothing new. Schools have been doing this for years. In this case someone got mad about something and made a report. o_O
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    Recently, we the students of Clayton High School, learned that our Principal, Dr. Bennett Jones was moved from his position as the principal of Clayton High.

    The student body at Clayton has created a bond with Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones created a relaxed and friendly environment where we could learn effectively. His absence will greatly affect the students and everyday campus life.

    We want our Principal back!

    -Clayton Comets
    petition circulating "bring back mr.jones"
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    I have seen the petition floating around. Really though what good will it do?
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    It will show Dr renfro and the school board that the students have a voice as well they should have a say in who their principal is. According to what I read about Dr Jones's grievance if renfro has repeatedly said that Jones did nothing wrong then why is this investigation still ongoing?

    My guess is that what was done was all a ledged and no concrete evidence is there so they're trying to create some to justify their actions.

    There is a rally planned for tonight in Clayton Town square 6:30 to 8:30
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    I hope this comes to a end SOON! If Dr Renfro is in the wrong then he needs to go.
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