Cleveland Electrical Substation

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by sacosta, Mar 29, 2017.

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    Yup, very aware.....Letters went out to those that may be affected by the line running near their property and we and hundreds attended the information fair at C3 Church back last year to get a better understanding of the situation at hand...and to voice our opinions........... We are just waiting now to see what line they chose............
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    If youve driven down Polenta lately or any of the nearby, they are stringing tons of new medium voltage transmission lines to the site already as well.
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    Iv'e been keeping a close eye on this as one of the transmission line options is within 100yds of my house. I hate to wish it on someone else but that's what I'm doing. The latest I heard from them is that a decision is expected by end of April to mid-March and should be announced by mail.
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    Any updates on the transmission line routes?
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    This is what their map shows. I think the numbers are how they identify each leg of the lines.

    Construction activities such as grading and vegetation clearing for the new substation and transmission line are expected to begin by summer of 2018 and be completed before the end of 2019. No construction will begin until the North Carolina Utilities Commission grants final approval.

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    The original post contains the timeline. No final route has been announced yet.
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    which route did they pick?
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    The south route to Parkertown. Big surprise.
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    that's what I figured
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    Here's the route they picked:
    route1.JPG route2.JPG route3.JPG
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    What do you mean by no brainer ? The route chosen cuts our farm in half right in front of my home and all of my neighbors
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    :( Huge Dislike.
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    Maybe if they had taken the huge payout for CSX they wouldn't have to be on TV crying again!!!! Instead they
    screwed the town, the county, and all the people who will now have to live with the utility lines running on their property. Then they try insinuate that it is now some kind of conspiracy. The first letters were sent out last October or November and I am sure they were looking at routes probably a year or more before that. Now that we have saved these few people from CSX look how many might have to deal with the power lines!!!
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    The two have nothing in common.
    The Cleveland area just outgrew the electrical supply, or will so shortly
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    That's right, but from what I understand they are saying that its some kind of retaliation against them because they fought the CSX project. But that is absolutely ridiculous.
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    But that is absolutely ridiculous.

    yes. yes it is. the substation was finished before 4 oaks was involved
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    Are you kidding? The power system would have come through regardless of the CSX project. Railroads and utilities work together in kind. So no, if they had taken the "supposed" payouts from CSX the lines STILL would have come through regardless. What I find sad, is how many folks seem to think that it's ok for "for profit companies" to take what others have worked so hard for, even if there is an exchange of money. Let's hope that Walmart never decides YOUR family home place is where they want to build. Or better yet, for all those that seemed to think it's so easy to give up what you have worked so hard for, or to give up the place where you, your parents, and your grandparents grew up and created history and memories,put your money where your mouth is and offer up your place! I can see the wondering of conspiracy, considering how sneaky some of the things were with the CSX fiasco. And how oddly it seems that the Northern routes are dismissed quickly for all these projects. There are some of the affected landowners in this escapade that knew nothing until a few weeks ago, after all the meetings,just like how the area in Four Oaks was offered up as "available" to CSX without it having been discussed with the owners at all.
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