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  1. tassy

    tassy Well-Known Member

    fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but turns out they are going to have to turn me down for the position. Their orientation program lasts 8-12 weeks and will go into September. And because I will be back in school in mid August they had to turn me down for the position. :(
  3. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Well that Wake med CNA position fell through but I had been working with an agency out of Raleigh and I got hired on by them. I will still be a CNA but will be doing sitting at both Wake Med and UNC Rex. I put my two weeks notice in at the Nursing home and the first weekend in September I will be a sitter. It should be interesting. I am at least leaving on a good note with the nursing home just in cause the new job doesn't work out.

    I am also starting my final year at JCC and will graduate with a associates of science degree. But I have absolutely no idea what kind of job you can get with that kind of degree.
  4. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    YEAH I start my new CNA job on Saturday at Wake Med.
  5. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

    YEAH!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  6. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    I've only been over at Wake Med 3 weekends now but I truly love it. I love the nurses, the cna's, the patients. The only thing I miss about my old job is only three patients. I do not miss the back breaking work I had to do. I look at it as a foot in the door to work at Wake Med full time. I want to be able to prove myself to them at every turn.

    Now that I am offically out of the Nuclear Medicine program I just got to see what else I can do to furher my career. I do not think I am good fit for nursing, but want to stay in the allied health field but also something on the technology side of it.
  7. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Been working as a sitter now since September. I still enjoy it. I do prefer working at Wake Med over Rex. When I go to Rex its pretty much set you and forget you. I'll be there for 8 hours with out a break or dinner. At Wake Med they will come in and make sure everything is okay and check to see when I want a break and my dinner. I would still love to get on at Wake Med full time permanent. While at Wake, when a nurse or cna come in I always offer to help with the patient, and so far the nurses seam to like me, at least that's the impression I get. From what I hear some of the sitters just sit there like bumps on a log.
  8. HidesinOBX

    HidesinOBX Well-Known Member

    Rocky, Have you found that it's been tough to find something full time w/ benefits? I have been considering the Medical Assistant program over at Care One Health Training Institute, which include EKG and Phlebotomy along with the CNA 1 and 2, and Medication aide. It's a 27 wk program.

    Have you heard anything about this institute or do you have any input about which path to take. I have an desk job and would prefer something more active and hands on.

  9. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    I have been trying to get full time work at a hospital for over two years now. I could of worked full time at the nursing home but it is exhausting work and you get burnt out very quickly. I think they did have medical benefits. I have had two interviews at JMH but the only reason I got them was because I knew someone who worked there and they gave me the phone numbers of the people I needed to talk to. Still did not get past the first interview. Of the CNA's I have met at Wake med they all tell me it has taken them years to get on their. I even had to take a cut in pay just to get on as a contractor at wake and rex, in hopes of getting permanent work at one of the hospitals.

    If you want to be overworked go to a nursing home. If you want to be kept busy work at a hospital.
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  10. HidesinOBX

    HidesinOBX Well-Known Member

    Do doctor's office's hire CNA's ?
  11. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    not sure. but would think the would need more of a med tech. But maybe someone else on the board may know.
  12. molly2008

    molly2008 Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, what did you think being a CNA was going to be?
  13. C me Now BMM

    C me Now BMM Well-Known Member

    LOL,, a job you don't have to work hard at..
  14. C me Now BMM

    C me Now BMM Well-Known Member

    By golly Molly that's a good question..
  15. HidesinOBX

    HidesinOBX Well-Known Member

    I know CNA's work their tails off, we had a few that worked with my father on 12 hour shifts 7 days a week before he died. It was hard work. I was hoping to find something more rewarding and by taking phlebotomy, EKG, and medication aide, along with the CNA I and II, it might offer more options. I was just looking for feedback.

    I actually miss being with my dad in that environment and being around some very exceptional CNA's and nursing staff. I feel it might be a good change for me, even though I might be taking a cut in pay. I just need something more rewarding and active.

    I know that there are some other options other than nursing homes, which I would never rule out. I am just not sure what. I guess I need to just go talk to the school and find out. Thanks for your input Rocky.
  16. molly2008

    molly2008 Well-Known Member

    Indeed it is!! Which most people know and I was wondering if he was aware of what the actual job was before he went into that line of work. I'm just confused I guess. Nothing new there.
  17. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    I knew it was hard work but I never had plans on being a CNA, It was a requirement of getting into the nuclear medicine program. But when I got dropped from the program because my Nuclear Pharmacy grade was 76.20 and it needed to be 76.50 to stay in the program. I love working with the patients it just annoys me that some of the younger CNA's don't do jack shoot. I left the nursing home and took a pay cut to get my foot in the door as a cna at a hosptial. It takes anywhere from 5-7 years depending on who you talk to. But anyone who thinks being a CNA is a cake walk is gravely mistaken. And you must of mis read some of my posts I never dissed being a cna.

    I still go back to the nursing home from time to time to see some of my old patients.
  18. Luvgoose1

    Luvgoose1 Well-Known Member

    There are a number of jobs in the medical profession that require a passion for the work vs. a desire to make great money. I always told my daughter that while money to pay the bills is important, finding a career she is passionate about and work she loves doing is very important. She chose to be a Paramedic and despite the crazy, long hours, stress and unpredictability of the situations they face, is very happy in that job. No different than alot of other public service jobs but I think as long as you choose a career with realistic expectations you'll get what you put into it.
  19. rntobe

    rntobe Well-Known Member

    after 25 yrs I left a very well paying job in the computer industry to go to nursing school. I make about a 1/3 of my last salary, work twice as hard, get yelled at, spit at, kicked, pushed, just about every day. I am bone tired when I get home after 12 hrs walking on a hard floor. Have very large student loans...but I totally love what I do as an RN....

    Yes, CNA's work very hard and aren't always appreciated by those they help. I couldn't do my job without them!
  20. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Well folks, it's official. I took my final, final today. Now just have to come back to pick up my diploma and hear the fat lady sing.

    Absolutely no clue what to do with an Associates of Science degree.

    I am going to pick up more shifts as a CNA sitter at Wake Med. But it is still considered PRN. Going to start putting in for permanent work at the three major hospitals, with Wake med being my top choice. If I can get on at Wake Med I will work on both my CNA II and my EKG.

    In a couple of years when this burnt out feeling subsides I will look at getting a bachelors degree, hopefully at NC State. GO Wolfpack !!!! At that point it will have to be parttime nights and such or when ever the class is.

    One can never get enough education.

    Thank you all for your warm wishes over the years.

    Bob V.

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