Commissioners Plans For Solid Waste

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    ...or, just require everyone have trash pick up at house. I am not sure the problem is the decal. If people are too lazy to keep up with the decal what makes you think they are going to bother taking their trash if it's free. It comes down to laziness. This is why people litter, not due to a $100 decal.

    I fully realize the issues that requiring trash pick up creates, but assessing every home $32 is not going to fix the little problem. They can build twice as many convenience sites and people will still litter if it means they have to leave the house to take their trash somewhere. Not everyone has a pick up truck. Lots of people have small cars and can't put a couple days worth of trash in their trunk. Not to mention, if you take the cost of the $100 decal and make it $32 for everyone, all you are doing is penalizing those who already pay for trash pick up service and making life easier for the offenders. I think if you have a a trash pickup service you need to be excluded from the fee.
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