Commissioners Plans For Solid Waste

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Harvey, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Harvey

    Harvey Well-Known Member

    ...or, just require everyone have trash pick up at house. I am not sure the problem is the decal. If people are too lazy to keep up with the decal what makes you think they are going to bother taking their trash if it's free. It comes down to laziness. This is why people litter, not due to a $100 decal.

    I fully realize the issues that requiring trash pick up creates, but assessing every home $32 is not going to fix the little problem. They can build twice as many convenience sites and people will still litter if it means they have to leave the house to take their trash somewhere. Not everyone has a pick up truck. Lots of people have small cars and can't put a couple days worth of trash in their trunk. Not to mention, if you take the cost of the $100 decal and make it $32 for everyone, all you are doing is penalizing those who already pay for trash pick up service and making life easier for the offenders. I think if you have a a trash pickup service you need to be excluded from the fee.
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  2. TS48

    TS48 New Member

    Harvey..I hear your frustration and understand..1st, no matter what happens, cant make everyone happy.. As for more sites, from what I understand they would "Like" to put 3 more .Now as the land fill itself. It going to change. The current "msw' = municipal solid waste (Tallest hill is about 3 to 5 years from capacity-fed/state laws )They are going to open a new section that is projected to last 50 years at least.and a new scale and scale house to help the traffic access that new area ( all of that = $$)
  3. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Just a stupid question. On the garbage hill. Do they pull off the methane that the garbage creates as it de composes? I know they do that down in Florida and they even fuel their municipal vehicles with them.
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  4. Wayne Stollings

    Wayne Stollings Well-Known Member

    Most, if not all, active fills have installed gas collection systems under the federal regulations on landfill gas emissions. Depending on the economics of the situation they can use it for generation of power for at least the landfill operations, sell it to a nearby facility, or use some control device to control the Non-Methane Organic Compounds. In the worst case that control involves a thermal oxidizer or flare. Only the closed landfills can be exempted from collection systems based on the production of gas measured over the surface of the entire landfill. Only in arid conditions such as the high deserts out west can an active fill pass on the requirement for a collection system if they desire. Without water the waste does not decompose and produce methane as in the rest of the country. There are few of these pure dry tomb landfills in place.
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  5. Harvey

    Harvey Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info, but neither of these things will really address litter or any sort of consolidation of the waste collection issue. People still have to get off their butt to take the trash to the dump or collection site and that doesn't always happen.
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  6. poppin cork

    poppin cork Well-Known Member

    I agree Harvey. Unfortunately, we can't fix stupid and sorry.
  7. Auxie

    Auxie Well-Known Member

    If this fee goes into effect it should cover EVERY HOME in JOCO, not just those outside of City Limits.
  8. Smithers

    Smithers Well-Known Member

    Back in 2020, JoCo commissioners voted to do away with the trash decal program by July 1, 2023 and make it open for all residents. I was looking forward to this and hadn't heard anything more about it, so started looking for some updated info since my decal is up for renewal soon. I was disappointed to find this article from 2022, saying they voted to postpone the plan until they decide how to replace funding the decals provided, and until they get a permanent Solid Waste Director in place.

    There is a director listed on their website, so I assume that part of the delay has been satisfied. They've had almost 3 years to identify the funding source, but I can't find any info online to indicate they're any closer to resolving this. Does anyone here have any inside information I wasn't able to find?
  9. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    I just had to renew myself and was disappointed to the learn the same in my research. When I emailed the Public Utilities Dept, they just said I should contact the Board of Commissioners with my concerns.

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