Complete 540 Project Visualization - from NCDOT Feb 2018

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by JustMe, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. markfnc

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    jesse82nc is 540 going over or under NC 50? its hard to tell on the video, but looks like it will go under.
  2. Smithers

    Smithers Well-Known Member

    It sho' nuff does look that way... On the video, anyway.

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  3. Smithers

    Smithers Well-Known Member

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  4. Auxie

    Auxie Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how much the toll fee is going to be to use it when everything is finished?
  5. Smithers

    Smithers Well-Known Member

    No, but we can make some educated guesses:

    It currently costs $3.37 to travel all 15 miles of the existed tolled portion (I measured it on the map, so I may be a little off on mileage). The section under construction now from Holly Springs to I-40 and the Clayton Bypass is about another 16 miles. So, I would expect tolls on that section to cost about the same as the first section. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $6.70 to go from I-40 in JoCo to I-40 at the Durham County line, while skipping Raleigh.

    Of course, by the time the road is finished, toll rates will probably have gone up a little. But that gives you a general idea...
  6. So for those of us who are map challenged, where would I pick up the extended 540 if I live in clayton, off 42 by the hospital to go towards RTP?
  7. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    You have a few options, your best bet would be to get on US70 West and pick up NC540 West at the US70, I40, NC540 mega interchange. Otherwise you could also pick up NC540 at White Oak Road or US70 Business. Then you could take either NC540 East or West to RTP.
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