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Discussion in 'READ ME FIRST!' started by Webmaster, Feb 13, 2004.

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    Come on in! Welcome to the 4042.com Discussion Group. This area is provided for community opinion and views..an open forum for discussion. 4042.com is not responsible for the content of any postings made here. Please use this area responsibly...it is a family oriented resource and we want to keep it that way. Thanks!

    Posting Guidelines for 4042.com Discussion Board

    You can voice just about any opinion you want
    here, as long as you can do it without using all those
    well known "cuss words" or making vulgar statements
    you wouldn't make in front of your mother or kids.
    If that's too vague, here's some guidelines:

    1. Posts made here that contain "swearing" will be
    deleted. (We used to edit them but that is too
    time consuming. They will simply be removed.)
    That *includes* posts that contain such words
    spelled out with "@" or "$", etc in strategic
    positions. They will be deleted.

    Offenders may also have their accounts removed
    without any additional warning.

    2. Express your opinion on any topic you would like
    to - politics, abortion, homosexuality, war, peace,
    the economy...you name it! But do so with some
    sense of civility...any topic can be discussed without
    dipping into the sleaze bucket.

    3. Messages posted here in the 4042.com Discussion Group that
    are "borderline" with our guidelines are much more likely to be
    left on the board when they are posted with a valid
    e-mail address. In fact, if you feel the need to
    REALLY exercise your 1st Amendmant Rights and post
    a message here which contains swearing and vulgar,
    outrageous language, please sign it with a real e-mail
    address, your name and phone number. After all,
    anyone feeling the need to do that should have
    no problem identifying themselves to the
    community, right? (If not, then such postings
    will be considered as "graffiti" and will be removed promptly.)

    4. Those that are obviously "flamers"
    who never add anything of particular value here,
    and are just name callers will probably be removed
    depending on how annoyed the Webmaster happens to be at the

    5. To those who ANSWER flamers and perpetuate the
    inane posts...JUST SAY NO!! Don't respond to
    those types of messages. When you do, THEY WIN!
    Annoying, name calling posts of no discussion
    value will be removed....we have other uses for
    the disk space.

    6. Postings concerning business "opportunities", advertisements
    for products or services, multi-level marketing, etc. should be
    posted in the 4042.com FREE Classifieds - not in the Discussion
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