Diverging diamond for 40/42 exit

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by certdude, Sep 14, 2017.

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    I got a postcard from DOT yesterday about this project, they are having a public meeting soon, can't remember the date, will check when I get home.
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    Can you post the date and time and location. Thanks.

    I went to one of those meetings about a year ago and saw the layout for that diamond. Also they planned on doing it at Cornwallis first so they could divert traffic at 42. Also realigning the end of Cornwallis road to end at 50
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    Meeting is on Monday, Oct. 2, 4-7 PM at Garner United Methodist Church, Christian Life Center, 201 Methodist Drive, Garner
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    Yep they're a real treat. I have been through the ones at 133 @ I-74 in Leland and 301 @ I-95. after you have been through them a few times they are tolerable. The problem is when old folks, drunks or folks from out of town get in them. They aren't intuitive, meaning if you
    are used to turning right to go left (cloverleaf exit) you will be in the wrong lane. diverging diamond.jpg
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    Just my 2 cents here, but Lexington Ky has a couple of these and it basically takes the congestion off of the main roads and puts it on the new built roads ,making it safer on the main road. I hated it when they first built it, but they do work.
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    so exciting! look at all these intersections! WOW all the new places to stare at beggars and fake panhandlers!
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    Yup, they are sure going to confuse us old folks! Probably about as much as they will the millennials driving around with their cell phones stuck up their
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    Oh Jeezzzzzzzz..............I am confused already!!! :p
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    If I remember correctly from the last public hearing. The traffic light where Mcdonald's is, is going away. They are moving the traffic light back to between the Little Ceasars and the Dairy Queen
    Option 1) Diamond divergence on 40/42
    Option 2) Diamond divergence on 40/42 and a exit at Cleveland School Road right at the elementary school
    Option 3) Diamond divergence at Cornwallis road
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    They have these near Concord.....it will take some getting used to for sure. Construction in that area will be a fustercluck.
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    So does that mean that they are not going to be putting an exit\entrance ramp where Cornwallis crosses over I-40?

    Also I vaguely recall didn't some developer want an exit/entrance at Cleveland School Road so that he could build a shopping center where West View Elementary school is today?
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    From what I understand that too is still on the list of projects.
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    I would think the proposed Cornwallis exit would be more benefit than a Cleveland exit at this time. All this is going to do is gridlock everything between 42 and Cleveland and the exits.
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    You will be able to get off I-40 onto NC540 and then go one exit to an exit on Cornwallis by the pond company. That is the current plan.
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    Did anyone get to go to this? I missed it. I had to go to a job fair at the work force development building today.

    I like to know what went on. Thank you

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