Fighter Jets? over the area

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by jesse82nc, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Anyone heard the jets flying low and slow over the area? Every couple months I hear them and when I talk to people nobody else hears them. They are super loud and flying slow as you can hear the rumble for good minute or two on each pass. I have been hearing them for the past 15-20 minutes or so, I went outside to see if I could get it on camera or see anything. I saw an aircraft making circles over the are, it was very loud, I saw a couple faint red lights on it. It was flying from Southeast to Southwest mostly in a circle pattern. Although there may have been more than one.

    They are still flying over now. I got a good video, uploading it now to Youtube. You can hear it, but not sure you can see the red lights.

    Anyone know if these are fighter jets or something else?

    Video (you can't see them really, just hear them) -
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  2. C me Now BMM

    C me Now BMM Well-Known Member

    I believe they were cargo jets.. C-17's??
  3. CanisLupis

    CanisLupis Banned

    sounds like freedom
  4. baseballer

    baseballer Active Member

    Hear them at least once a month over Four Oaks!!!
  5. cranky

    cranky Well-Known Member

    The low, slow, quiet ones are c-117's usually out of Pope Army Airfield at Ft. Bragg. They have made some really cool showings of formation flying around here, Sometimes twenty at a time. usually two or three.
    The loud ones you usually hear (like today) and don't see are F-15 Eagles, out of Seymour Johnson AFB. they are usually in transit or cool down around here, go outside Goldsboro and see some neat things occasionally.
    Other neat ones I have seen around are Apache choppers, Osprey and harrier VTOL's and a very rare pair of A-10's always extremely low.
    They make a lot of appearances in the skies over JoCo and they can be a little loud every now and then but I'm glad they're ours!
  6. C me Now BMM

    C me Now BMM Well-Known Member

    C-17's not 117's Pope also has c-130's they use a lot.
  7. gdogg79

    gdogg79 Well-Known Member

    We definately heard them last night - they were around for a long time. Confused my 18 month old since he could hear them but couldn't see them :)
  8. CraigSPL

    CraigSPL Well-Known Member

    One of the best aircraft in the USAF arsenal.

  9. DontCareHowYouDoItInNY

    DontCareHowYouDoItInNY Well-Known Member

    In Myrtle Beach back before the Air Force base closed, you would the A-10's flying in and out, two by two, throughout the day.
  10. Sherry A.

    Sherry A. Well-Known Member


    Are all of those planes, used in our military, painted like that?

  11. C me Now BMM

    C me Now BMM Well-Known Member

    Wart hogs. They also are headed to be moth balled.
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  12. CraigSPL

    CraigSPL Well-Known Member


    The only planes I've ever seen actually painted like this were the A-10 Thunderbolt II.....aka the Warthog. And they were either painted like this or with a shark's mouth look.

  13. Sherry A.

    Sherry A. Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Very cool paint job.

  14. Wayne Stollings

    Wayne Stollings Well-Known Member

    The A-10 has a titanium "bathtub" for the pilot because it is a ground attack plane and a lot of fire can come form beneath, which is why the engines are mounted higher too. The gatling cannon can actually slow the plane down when it fires too. The depleted uranium slugs were an environmental concern after the liberation of Kuwait and the destruction of the forces fleeing into Iraq.
  15. Wayne Stollings

    Wayne Stollings Well-Known Member

  16. 26.2

    26.2 Well-Known Member

    Slow aircraft too due to the nature of its mission. We used to say it was the only jet succeptable to a bird strike from behind.
  17. CraigSPL

    CraigSPL Well-Known Member

  18. sirputz

    sirputz Well-Known Member

    Saw two jets fly over Holly Springs today, just after 11 o'clock. Looked like f-15/17/18 style. Only two, in formation, flew from New Hill/Apex area over Fuquay-Varina, and headed back towards Cary
    Neat to finally see em in the daylight
  19. cynadon

    cynadon Well-Known Member

    sirputz, they came over the cleveland school area today hauling ass and making noise
  20. BuzzMyMonkey

    BuzzMyMonkey Well-Known Member

    As quick as you see them, they're just as quick at disappearing.

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