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What item(s) do you think are best for the AJROTC to sell for thie dinner/lunch?

  1. Chicken BBQ with boiled potatos, string beans and a roll.

  2. BBQ Pork with boiled potatos, string beans and a roll

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  3. Turkey legs - no sides

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  1. peppercorns

    peppercorns Well-Known Member


    As some of you know I tend to wear a lot of hats. One of them is to assist with the fundraising efforts of the West Johnston Army Junior ROTC. The kids are trying to raise money, (don't cringe, I know you are sick of hearing about that) to attend a bunch of fun things and perhaps an educational trip to West Point. These kids will be in the Raleigh St. Patricks Day Parade on March 12th. They will be at a World War II Vetrens Commemorative in Wilmington on February 26th. In April they will be Marching in the Azeala Day Festival Parade as well as the Carolina Air Show, where they will be presenting our Nation's colors for the festivities and meeting the Blue Angels.
    The kids want to have a dinner. Please use the poll to select which item you think will sell best. THis is just in the planning stages but we can't seem to decide. I am also looking for a location to hold the dinner. We have cookers lined up but we don't know where to hold it.
    Please assist us in selecting a menu.

    Thank you!
  2. JenniferK

    JenniferK Well-Known Member

    Well sweetie, I didn't vote, because neither sound real appealing to me. I'm not a big fan of BBQ that's home cooked, because all too often, people drown it in sauce, and I don't like the sauce.

    The turkey legs aren't a bad idea, but I would serve sides with them.
  3. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

  4. peppercorns

    peppercorns Well-Known Member

    I think the turkey leg thing is like those that they serve at the fair. That is the goal anyway.

  5. rcmommy

    rcmommy Well-Known Member

    If they do the turkey leg thing like they do at the fair then you need the grilled corn on the cob with it too..yummy!!!
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    What I'd like to know about is the rumors going around about how the money was used at the Bingo fundraiser. It is my understanding that the booster club went to various gas stations asking for donations of gas cards to be given away at the Bingo, but none were given away. Instead they were given to the parents who drove to DC to fill up their cars.
    I just think that when you misrepresent yourselves during fundraising there could be major problems.
  7. JenniferK

    JenniferK Well-Known Member

    Those are pretty serious allegations. If you've got any proof to support it, why not go directly to the organization itself and confront them?
  8. tassy

    tassy Well-Known Member

    I like the turkey leg and roasted corn idea, corn is too easy to do on a big grill and to buy the pre-cooked/smoked turkey legs all you really have to do is cook them long enough to heat them through. Both become walking advertisements for themselves...
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    It is serious and I will be going to the source because if this is what's going on the public needs to be informed.
  10. Southernborn

    Southernborn Well-Known Member

    BBQ or Chicken...sounds good! Good luck!
  11. ECAVE

    ECAVE Well-Known Member


    1. You are posting to the wrong people. The Bingo was put on by the BPA not AJROTC. We did work in a joint effort to raise funds though.

    2. You are right. You should get facts and not rumors. I personally handed out many gas cards to bingo WINNERS who were some of the band parents and they probably did use them to put gas in their cars to go to DC - wouldn't you have?

    3. You did not raise the question Monday night at the BPA meeting. So I will assume you were no there. We meet the first Monday night of each month in the bandroom at 7pm. I agree, It would be a very good idea to go to the source.

    It is very easy to hide behind a screen name and throw "rocks".

    Sorry to hi-jack your post. I thought someone had to say something.
  12. zookeeper

    zookeeper Well-Known Member

    I go by the theory, Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Rumors are simply rumors, until I hear from at least three unimpeachable sources, I don't consider it gospel.

    When it comes to fundraisers, I am a seasoned pro. I can tell you, as anyone involved in fundraising, especialy at a local level knows, that a good percentage of people who participate in events such as Bingo, raffles, etc. are either members of, family of, or close friend/co worker of individuals in the group raising the funds. After all, if you were trying to raise funds, who do you 'hit up' first?

    For members, friends, and family members to participate in any type of fundraising is a necessity in making the effort a success. There is no reason or law that prohibits this. As long as you are not a "paid employee" of a company, you and your family are eligible to participate in any sweepstakes etc. where it involves you paying to participate in a chance to win anything. When it involves a drawing, so long as the individual drawing the winning slip has no interest in who the winner is ensures the drawing is on the up and up.

    If you, or anyone has a concern with the validity of any fundraising effort, please go to the event coordinator, or group treasurer and voice your concerns, rather than a public discussion group, such as this. Libel and Slander are serious offences and the First Ammendment does not protect you if you commit either.
  13. ready2cmyKing

    ready2cmyKing Well-Known Member

    Of the three choices, I'd have to say BBQ. If the turkey legs came with roasted corn on the cob, I would have voted for that.

    Was your child in JROTC last year?
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    Fried chicken and BBQ w/boiled potatos and slaw have always done well for fundraisers in this area. I don't think the turkey legs would do that well, though.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    BBQ is the best fundraiser.
  16. Stinger_6

    Stinger_6 Well-Known Member

    Geez Louise, do something original will ya? I've never seen anything like this place. Every time someone wants to raise money they sell plates of that slop commonly referred to as barbecue. Don't you ever get sick of it? People in Iowa don't serve frickin' meatloaf at every fundraiser. BTW how in the world did it come to be called barbecue? It's nothing more that pork roast drowned in vinegar. Hell, it's not even cooked on a barbecue!

    Look pep, if you want to raise money go with something totally different. I like the turkey leg idea. If you really want to raise some money, send me a PM. I know something you can sell at a bingo night that will raise you plenty of cash.

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