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    Is there a type of glue out there that you can use with screws? What it is, my kitchen chairs the legs are screwed to the chair but they seem to be coming loose and everything is down and they kind of wiggle I’m just afraid it’s gonna break I’ll turn the chair upside down and tighten the screws back up but of course within days screwed come loose again. I’m thinking if there’s a type of glue that can take to screw in and screw it back in so that it stays locked to the base of the chair. Thanks in advance
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    Locktite is pretty much designed for that purpose
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    If you can take it all apart, you can also add wood glue in the places where the wood attaches. I had a similar issue on a couple chairs.
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    True, and if they holes are wallered out, use sawdust with the glue.
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