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Discussion in 'Money Matters' started by harleygirl, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

    I spent at LF today?

    $10 :hurray::hurray::hurray:

    Got 2 pks of chicken on sale .49/lb
    1 gallon of milk (the cheapest I could find)
    LF brand coffee creamer (hopefully it's not nasty) (instasave q-pon)
    LF brand alum foil (instasave q-pon)
    No Yolks Noodles (instasave PLUS doubled q-pon) = FREE

    I had a $5 off LF q-pon to use off my order so it all came out to $10.
    AND I really won't NEED to go to the store for about 2 weeks. I'm so stoked!!!

    So far the month of January = $150 includes beer and cigs :cheers:

    My goal was to be UNDER $250
  2. Hught

    Hught Well-Known Member

    Congrats, before opening the thread I was afraid it was going to be a "Do I look fat in this dress?" Type question 8)
  3. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    It seems we buy just basic stuff and our weekly bill winds up being $150 if we're lucky.
  4. ARodrigues

    ARodrigues Well-Known Member

    Thats awesome..Couponing is like an art to some people! I'm going to try to be more organized and get in on this..
  5. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

    You HAVE 2.

    You'll be amazed just how much you can save on things you already buy. Once you get a system down, it doesnt take long to do.
  6. kdc1970

    kdc1970 Guest

    We need to hook her up with Frugal.

    Check out WRAL, the Smartshopper on there is our very own FrugalMomof2, she's famous now!! :hurray::hurray::hurray: I think most of her links are on there.
  7. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

    I know right!

    I saw some dude on fox news yesterday and I was like "he don't know ****, Faye needs to be on there" :lol::lol::lol:
  8. kdc1970

    kdc1970 Guest

    :jester: I know!! She's the queen to be sure!! I am SO grateful that I took her class, there is no telling how much she has saved me over the years. :grouphug:
  9. frugalmomoftwo

    frugalmomoftwo Well-Known Member

    Warms my heart to hear that KDC!

    HG - way to rock LF!

    arodrigues - take a look at the smart shopper blog on Sundays for the drug store deals and on Wednesdays for the weekly grocery deals. I post the best deals for Lowe's Foods, Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Kroger. Some of the deals require coupons, some don't (like meat and produce). I am also about to start including weekly Walmart produce deals as well. Will have this week's up later today.

    For those of you who read my WRAL blog - I would love to see you posting on there. People tell me they appreciate the info, but it's kind of a pain to post since you can only enter comments M-F during business hours. The higher-ups like to see action on the blogs (not the kind of action you are thinking HG ;-) so if you haev the time to post - I'd appreciate it.

    Happy saving!

  10. ARodrigues

    ARodrigues Well-Known Member

    frugal, thanks for posting! Someone JUST told me about the WRAL blog and I've been paying attention! My Mom and I vowed to start this weekend and challenge ourselves to stick with it..I'm always amazed when I hear about the money saved when you get organized and do a little research. Thanks for what you do!
  11. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

    Will do!

    Rock on Sista!
  12. DMJmom

    DMJmom Well-Known Member

    Question - LF has bogo this week. If u have a coupon for buying 2 of something do you have to buy 2 (as in get 4)? And do they always double up to 99 cents?
  13. PirateGirl

    PirateGirl Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if this helps or not but I know that each item rings up as a single item, half price. Saying this, I'm almost positive I have just purchase 2 in the past.
  14. DMJmom

    DMJmom Well-Known Member

    I think you're right.

    I did notice that in the LF flyer, they have steamfresh frozen veggies listed twice. Once says BOGO and once says 5/$10. They are both the same size. But one lists certain veggies and the other just says assorted veggies, so not sure which is right. But I have two coupons for them so that's good either way.
  15. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Well-Known Member

    The assorted ones, like cauliflower/broccoli/carrots in cheese sauce are 5/10.00. Plain Janes are BOGO.
  16. MamaApe

    MamaApe Well-Known Member

    Im getting back on the bandwagon too!!!

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