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  1. They’re building one on 42 near the hospital/sigh. I was hoping we’d avoid having the fast food places on this area of 42....
  2. poppin cork

    poppin cork Well-Known Member

    Why don't you run for County Commissioner? You speak of them like an idiot.
  3. Grinder

    Grinder Well-Known Member

    :::cough::: That would be in the Town of Clayton's ETJ and their jurisdiction.
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  4. Harvey

    Harvey Well-Known Member

    Nothing says stay healthy like a fast food joint in front of a hospital.
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  5. gcoats3

    gcoats3 Well-Known Member

    Actually This is Town of Clayton. Area annexed at the request of Johnston Health when original building approved.
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  6. High Plains Drifter

    High Plains Drifter Well-Known Member

    Is Hardee's considered food?
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  7. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    Hot Ham And Cheese is 1 of the best fast food sandwiches in my opinion. The cheeseburger sliders are also awesome.
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