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    A note about registering on the the 4042.com forums (which is required before you can post messages or view certain sections like The Neighborhood).

    When someone registers for the forums, you are asked to provide an e-mail address. The vBulletin system (the software that runs the forums) then sends a follow-up message to that address, which contains a confirmation link.

    The registration process (and thus the ability to post messages) is ONLY complete after that confirmation link is clicked on. This indicates that it is a valid registration.

    If you have filled out the forum registration form and cannot post a message or see The Neighborhood, it is because the confirmation has not been completed. There are normally three reasons for this:

    1. During the registration process a "fake" e-mail address was entered. Therefore the confirmation message would never be received.

    2. During the registration process a typo occured when the e-mail address was entered. Once again, the confirmation message would not be received.

    3. (Most likely!) The confirmation message was viewed by your e-mail provider as being SPAM and it was likely sent to a SPAM folder associated with your account.

    At the time of this writing, there are approximately 45 sign-ups that have not been confirmed, with the vast majority of these being registrations associated with AOL or Yahoo mail accounts. Based on past experiece with these providers, it is likely that the confirmation e-mails have been flagged as SPAM.

    If you have registered for the 4042.com forums and #1 or #2 above apply to you, please just re-register and make sure you use a valid e-mail account.

    If you suspect your confirmation message is being viewed as SPAM, then please:

    A) Check your SPAM folder associated with your mail account and see if your confirmation message is being held there.

    B) Make sure that 4042.com is "whitelisted" for your e-mail account (meaning that mail can be received from us, even when suspected to be SPAM) and re-register.

    PLEASE NOTE: After completing the registration for the forums, you CAN login with your username and password. However, you don't have any additional rights to post messages or view The Neighborhood UNTIL the confirmation message is confirmed.

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