Johnston County Schools - I'm running for a seat on the BOE

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Melynda, Jan 14, 2020.

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    I haven't been on the discussion boards as much as I had in the past. My name is Melynda Slay. Some of you my be happy that you haven't seen some of my REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long posts in a while. Years ago, I moved to this area and chose my home based on the amazing teachers and students in our Johnston County Schools. I've always volunteered in the classrooms and schools, but I've never pictured myself running for a seat on the Board of Education … Until Now. I'm not sure I would actually consider myself a politician. I'm really just a volunteer looking to help where I can. A wise person mentioned yesterday that I needed to come up with a campaign slogan?? I thought about slogans like, "Because our Kids are Worth It", "Integrity. Honesty. Commitment", "Keep Moving Forward" … But instead, I thought I'd say something to let folks know actions mean more that words. "Don't Just Say It, Slay It. Actions Speak Louder Than Words!" We've got to start rewarding good teachers and schools staff more for staying, and stop rewarding superintendents for leaving. We have to make students priorities. We have to have more transparency! We have to have more parent, community and business involvement! Please consider sharing my Facebook page with others where they can also find important election dates and links to other Board of Education candidate's information. Primaries are Important!! If you don't show up for your candidates on March 3, their names might not show up on your ballot on election day!!
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    “Some of you may be happy that you haven’t seen some of my REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long posts in a while.”

    Lol. As a loooooog poster myself, I can appreciate anyone who attempts to write a complicated post about complicated issues. As tedious as these posts may be for some people to read, at least you aren’t the type of poster who constantly responds with single word insults that only reveal to readers their complete lack of understanding and curiosity. I’ve never learned a damned thing from people like that, but I sure have learned a lot here from people with knowledge and points of view different from my own. So, bring on ALL THE WORDS, we can definitely handle it, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors.
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    All primary candidates are listed on the JoCo BOE website:
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    it would be nice to have a short list of things for each candidate to state opinions on. other than voting out every single person from school board that is running again, the list is still long even once i cross out them
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    That's what Ballotpedia is supposed to be for

    But it says that this candidate has not answered any of their questions, and there's not much info there.
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    Mike Wooten is an incumbent. I've seen signs out for him, but I haven't seen him at any of the forums. Kelly O'Hanlon-Peedin and Yvonne Marlowe are also not participating in Forums. The others all seems nice. It honestly was tough for me to choose …
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    Good Luck Melynda. Vote out all incumbents, its a mess there and need new people.
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    cant believe with all the issues over the past that people voted back in any incumbents.
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    Hey Melynda! I was slumming over here after reaching the end of facebook and saw your post, I had no idea that was you lol Good Luck in November!
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    Greetings Earthling!
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    What up, Cleo? How've you been?

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