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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by 1_more_PitBull, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. 1_more_PitBull

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    There has to be more to this story. The fact Dr. Renfrow did not even show up to the board meeting last night, nor did he make the prerecorded call to all the parents is just fishy.
    I really did like Renfrow, but if he is wrong (which making this move at this time seems to be the case) then he is wrong and needs to move on. If he found to be wrong with everything that has gone on with CHS then he should not be able to keep his pay in my eyes.
    CHS is a mess right now and him jumping ship is a easy way out.
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  2. Hught

    Hught Well-Known Member

    I am in Michigan right now but I stream NPR from NC in the mornings and I believe they stated he resigned.
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  3. Wayne Stollings

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    Yep, from the article in the first post:

    The board voted 7-to-0 to accept Dr. Renfrow’s resignation, which is effective Wednesday, Aug. 28th.

    However, it does not preclude the resignation from being the first step in retirement.
  4. 1_more_PitBull

    1_more_PitBull Well-Known Member

    How this is all playing out is a big mess. I for one USED to like Renfrow. Now with how this CHS mess has played out, has turned me away. I was looking forward to my child going to CHS with Jones being there and all the great things he has done with the school. Instead she went into the school not knowing her classes, where to go, nothing other than homeroom. And lets not talk about the schedule changes that everyone has to make.
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  6. poppin cork

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    If it's not crooked it damn sure looks that way. I say it needs investigating. The good ole boy network crap needs to stop. No one school board member should be re-elected next time as far as I'm concerned and I'm no move in. I've seen it all my life here.
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  7. Hught

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  8. 1_more_PitBull

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    He should have handled Jones grievances when he first filed them. This is where most of his heat is coming from. BUT this is not the only things he has done wrong in his time in office. CHS mess just brought on to much heat him for to handle, so he took the easy way out. He has learned he has messed with the wrong town!
  9. mylittle_man

    mylittle_man Active Member

    There is more to the story.. and more people involved than what we are being told about.
  10. 1_more_PitBull

    1_more_PitBull Well-Known Member

    Yes I do believe there is way more to the story!! Can't wait for it to come out.... IF it ever does!!
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