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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by DWK, Sep 28, 2021.

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    The fact that the younger generation, or those who never went to college don't know what it's like to carry twelve hardbound books out of the library, read and highlight them, and then write a 20-page research paper like I did in 1995 tells you why we are where we are. Good information isn't easy to find, and we live in a lazy society where the masses prioritize cheap, easy, low-quality information that requires zero effort to send, receive, and perpetuate. It isn't about finding the true answer, it's about creating conversation and a sense of belonging due to the inability or lack of desire to do the research, and from the right sources.

    I hated every minute of that research paper, but my determination and frustration in making it happen is something that more and more people won't do, because they don't value higher education and ASSume taking a trade class or shaking their ass on onlyfans is all they need to thrive in life for the next 60 years.

    Qanon is not for me, I do not live in a fantasyland of wild conspiracies like Kyrie or Nicki who believe the vaccine is a computer virus trying to enslave them, or that there is a Satanic cult of democrats eating children in the basement of a pizza restaurant etc, etc. The only difference between me and them is education, being taught critical thinking and the value of proper sources of information.
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    Back in the day when newscasters had researched news people knew they had the information or they would not have presented it. Now we have news entertainment and the thought that every opinion must carry the same weight even if it is clearly made up or lacking in scientific basis. The old guard news folks left and the new organizations sold their journalistic souls to some extent for money and ratings. Some sold out worse than others but the process tainted them all before the politicians took the page from the rise of Nazi Germany and attacked the journalists that tried to maintain some level of professionalism. Then the under educated masses piled onto whatever story supported their personal beliefs regardless of fact and here we are now. The movie "Idiocracy" was supposed to be a comedy, but it seems more like a documentary than anything else over the past few years.
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  4. lawnboy

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    Idiocracy is a documentary Wayne, and, like you, I have observed what I call a "generational erosion" of traditional standards of decency. Not in the sense of morality, but in the sense that, when one generation grows up with Cronkite, then their offspring - my generation - grows up with Geraldo Rivera as "investigative" (ratings-driven) reporter alongside Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and - dare I say Dan Rather (with an asterisk in some cases), the waters get muddied. Then the generation after mine begins growing up with Fox News and Geraldo being seen as a serious correspondent, the Traditional Anchormen retiring or dying in the early 2000s, right when facebook was popping up, then Twitter shortly thereafter, then throw in a heavy dose of Maury and Mayor Springer, a very heavy dose of ADHD, video games and YouTube-star-pop-cuture distractions (aka the rise of Nicki Minaj and what she has morphed into - an apparent cultural North Star) then couple that with the rise of the Tea Party/Freedom caucus working in lockstep with Rabid Righters like Ann Coulter, Tucker, and Hannity, who, along with Rupert and Ailes were all just smarter-enough than the mass populace who tends to get distracted and entranced by things like Nicki Minaj/Facebook memes/marijuana for breakfast, then you see how we elected a future wrestling announcer President as the cherry on top of the country's reality and fact-based decay.

    This progression of "source decay" should be like a 5-alarm fire for all of us who can clearly see what happens next - the kids born in the last 10 years will have grown up with the new "norms" of a wannabe Authoritarian president and violent mobs who try to overthrow Democratic government. They will be the ones who support our very own Putin by 2028/2032.

    It's really a very simple exercise in connecting the dots.

    How do we get kids to scrutinize sources again, and understand how to separate truth from disinformation?
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  5. poppin cork

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    Yep, Bidenville.
  6. lawnboy

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    Thank Christ! He has popped his cork again. He and Buzz randomly "pop" up together. I have said before, I think they are buddies. You know, "buddies." Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    What a reply though! The reply to well-thought out, educated and informed commentary is a 2 word answer with the casual version of "yes," and something about a non-existent town that has t he duly-elected POTUS' last name in it.

    Sheer f***ing genius. Please, keep it up!
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    Cork, did you pop off a hot load before you could form the words? Need some help?

    Trump, Qanon, Proud Boys, KKK, Putin, Hitler, Fascists/fine people on both sides and all his followers: patently indecent and corrosive, the definition of decay of the traditional standards of decency.

    Biden, democrats, and the hundreds of nationally-known Republicans who have left the party to vote against Trump and his lackeys: the only people standing up for democracy and trying to keep alive traditional standards of decency.

    Gaslighting: a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator (papa cork) is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions. An example would be PoppinCork saying that Joe Biden, Democrats, lifelong Republicans who didn't vote for Trump, and Matthew Dowd, George W. Bush's Chief Strategist who is now running against the fascist, racist Dan Patrick as a Democrat are the reason for the decay of traditional standards of decency in our eroding democracy.
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    LOFL @ lawnloser back to his self induced stupid lies again.
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    What does “Bidenville” actually mean? You must be delusional if you actually think that any politician can fix this broken system. My life hasn’t changed one whit under Trump or Biden, and all because I’m in control of my life, and unlike you, won’t allow some politician to change reality.
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    PoppinCork, if you hurry, you and Buzz can get back into the facility before lockdown:

  16. DWK

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    What a dirty mind. He was talking about a squirt gun with a bump stock. At least that’s how I interpreted it. Meanwhile, the real vulgarity is ignoring a deadly pandemic and being a toolboy for covid disinformation and death.
  17. NJ2NC

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    Boylawn appears to be 'unhinged' to say the least.
  18. poppin cork

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    They both must be. A two word response brings all this out? LOL
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  19. NJ2NC

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    There seems to be little doubt for sure. Check out the Covid thread, LOL.
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  20. poppin cork

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    So, you are so ignorant that you think everybody should get a vaccine whether they have had Covid-19 or not. So antibodies don't count if you've had the virus but the vaccine is a must. If you get the vaccine you still need a face covering because the vaccinated may get the virus if you don't mask up? You are just a special kind of stupid. Wear the mask, please. You are TOO stupid to show your face in public anyway.

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