Leachburg: Cleveland's historical township name

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    Anyone ever heard this? Came across it on the history/archaeology survey (totally another story) for I540 this week, and found it cross referenced on a few church histories in the area.
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    I've seen it mentioned in several history articles alongside polenta. My understanding is that it was a plantation belonging to James Leach covering a few thousand acres. Started after the revolution and divided starting after the civil war. There is a family cemetery over behind lowes food @ 42/50 that bears the name leach but I am unsure if the two are related or if this was near the old home place.
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    Here’s some interesting historical stuff related to Leachburg and Cleveland. James Thomas Leach owned thousands of acres (plantation) in JoCo and lent out several acres to establish the Mount Zion Methodist Church. There seems to be some speculation that the original church was located on Cornwallis Trail (Road?) but can’t be confirmed. The current Mount Zion in Garner has a lot of historical information available online for anyone who is interested.

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    Aye I found the bit about the church but didn't realize how big the property is as you are describing.
  5. What's the history behind the Polenta name? Always wondered.

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