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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Songbrd001, Jun 24, 2005.


Have you heard CC Ryders before?

  1. Yes, enjoyed them.

  2. No, I haven't heard them yet.

  1. Songbrd001

    Songbrd001 Well-Known Member

    CC Ryders Band will be at The Junction this Saturday night. Starts around 9:30pm. You may have heard them on July 3rd, playing the street dance @ old Cleveland School for 4th of July. They have played Ham & Yam and several festivals in the area. Also played up at Sam's Tavern/Kro's Nest last Friday night. They play top 40 country, old & new, southern rock (lynrd skynrd, poison, etc.), couple blues style songs; just a variety of good dance music. Get bored, check 'em out! :wink:
  2. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Well-Known Member

    Where is The Junction?
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    Its in Benson. You're not missing anything.
  4. Songbrd001

    Songbrd001 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Tangerine, haha...

    Junction (919) 207-1580
    Address:791 Tar Heel Rd, Benson, NC 27504

    Take I40 to Hwy242 exit. Turn right off ramp onto 242.
    Take next rd to left "Tarheel Rd" and it will be on "Tarheel Rd" on your right. If you get to the RR tracks, you passed it. There is a sign at the road.

    Bunch of rednecks looking to have a good time! It's in Benson, but we usually have a lot of fun there. Maybe we'll be playing July 4th. I'll let you know!!!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    my brother will probably be there. i haven't been in years.
  6. Songbrd001

    Songbrd001 Well-Known Member

    If he goes a lot, he's probably already heard us. Hope it was a good experience, haha. :lol: We are going to start playing at C & G's in Lillington in August. Hopefully we'll get the same appreciation there. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. I just want to cut loose and have some fun after this LONG week!!! 8)
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    He probably has heard of you. The name sounds familiar to me too.
  8. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Well-Known Member

    Rednecks, GOSH! I'm from the city, do they carry knives and stuff? Should I be scared? :lol:
  9. elims

    elims Well-Known Member

    Right ... so I wanna hear! Next gig is 4th of July at the old school yes?
  10. Songbrd001

    Songbrd001 Well-Known Member

    That's a big 10-4! We'll be there. Band should start around 6:30.

    Love the new avatar Cleo!
  11. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Well-Known Member

    Thanks! It's good to be back in my old skin. ugh.. I just thought of Ken's pic when I typed that!
  12. ready2cmyKing

    ready2cmyKing Well-Known Member

    I think there should have been a third option for that poll...

    Yes, I've heard them but didn't enjoy them.

    :D :lol: :p :wink:

    Just kidding - I've never heard them!!
  13. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Well-Known Member

    The skin that Chuck is going to use for his new coat. <shudders>
  14. stabillski

    stabillski Well-Known Member

    yall sounded great tonight ! i enjoyed the show! :D
  15. toadallyfruity

    toadallyfruity Well-Known Member

    Heard you tonight @ Cleveland 4th celebration. You one of the best bands I've heard in a while. You have your show and music together. The vocals were superb!
  16. JenniferK

    JenniferK Well-Known Member

    I agree, the band sounded great........made me completely want to be up there singing with ya.....

    Maybe one day........
  17. Songbrd001

    Songbrd001 Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks guys! I didn't get to meet ya'll though! Did I see you there? I know I met Cleopatra... she's got the cutest lil' babe. Thanks for coming out anyways. I hope that everyone had a great time. We had a blast, but I can hardly keep my eyes open this morning!
  18. peppercorns

    peppercorns Well-Known Member

    I thought that the band was very good. I had never heard them before. I had a great time up at the celebration there last night.
    It was great meeting a bunch of my fellow 4042er's.

    Cleo -your baby is a cutie pie!! you should be very proud of her. I hope she was ok with the fire
  19. JenniferK

    JenniferK Well-Known Member

    I just hope Cleo's not mad at me for playing official meet & greeter! LOL

  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    I didn't make it. Sorry I missed meeting you guys.

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